Shipped, Shared, Stored – A PPG Recap after NYCC Weekend

Hey PPG’ers!

Hope everyone had a great NYCC 2017 weekend, we are excited to see some of those convention hauls on Facebook!

We have all of the con exclusives in the guide, so you can add them to your collections. Values will start to be assigned towards the end of the week/early next week.  We always wait for about a week after the first sales are made to assign listings, with convention releases we usually wait about a week after the event.

A quick search for “NYCC 2017” will bring up the full list of releases!

Hurricane Relief

For the last few weeks we have been talking about donating to the Heart of Florida United Way hurricane relief fund. We decided to help the best way that we could. Over two weekends, Sept. 23rd/24th and Sept. 30/Oct. 1st, we collected all of the transaction fees from marketplace sales and decided to donate them to Heart Of Florida United Way. We are happy to announce that we are donating $226.61.

We know it isn’t a huge number but we are ecstatic to be giving something on behalf of the community. Thank you sellers who offered deals just to help facilitate the donation drive; and thank you to everyone who bought on the marketplace those days! We are excited to donate on all of our behalf!

Shirts Shipped

They shipped! We have confirmation, the shirts are away! It shouldn’t be too long before you are receiving your official PPG ‘Vaulted ’17’ Edition merch! Thank you again for supporting. We are very excited to have sent them out. Make sure to spread the love with a tag on Facebook. We’d love to see the awesome people that support us and the growth of the site!

If you haven’t received a tracking number regarding your PPG Shirt order please email We will look into it right away!