PPG Poll: Purchases, Stock Photos, and You

We’re always trying to improve what we can here at PPG, and in collaborating with hobbyDB on our amazing Marketplace, the subject of stock photos has been brought up many times. I’d like to get a little feedback from everyone about sales in which the seller uses stock photos. Stock photos are used frequently in all marketplaces – here, eBay, Amazon, etc. What is your reaction when you run across an item you want (here or on any marketplace) but a stock photo is used? Do you give it an immediate pass? Will you consider buying if the seller provides more photos? Is it different for you if it’s a new item vs. an old one (I’m not talking GITD Green Lantern or anything, but let’s say a Star Wars Lando Calrissian vs. a Star Wars Last Jedi Pop). Or will you buy an item with a stock photo regardless? We’d love to hear your feedback in our new poll!

When purchasing from any marketplace (PPG, eBay, Amazon, etc), how do you proceed with items in which the seller has used a stock photo?

  • I will consider buying the item, but I will ask the seller for more images first. (38%, 360 Votes)
  • Easy pass. I'll never buy an item where a stock photo is used. (28%, 265 Votes)
  • I will only buy items using a stock photo if it's a new release/preorder. (22%, 208 Votes)
  • Stock photos don't bother me, I'll buy it if it's what I want. (12%, 114 Votes)

Total Voters: 947

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3 thoughts on “PPG Poll: Purchases, Stock Photos, and You

  1. The problem with stock photos is this hobby is really based on the integrity of the figures. You must have the box, you must have the right sticker, and how dare you get so much as a fingerprint on the plastic window. It got so bad over here, some retail workers are now crushing parts of the box on purpose because how crazy some people got. I really can’t blame them at this point. It’s Szechuan Sauce day all year round for these people. It’s just time to stop.

  2. Been collecting since 2011 and all I can say is the quality of collectors and sellers has seriously diminished. Now a days there are sellers who try to pull a fast one showing a “stocked” pic but sending damaged goods. Once knew a guy who paid a few hundo for a rare piece and was sent packing foam no pop. Sellers should use a current photo of said item so buyers can make a choice based on the current condition of the item you’re selling. There are many “OOB” collectors who don’t care either way so dont worry, it’ll sell…. and collectors need to chill out…. the world so t end if there are a few dings, imperfect sticker placements etc. Just collect habe fun and dont be a buzz kill. I’ve got over 2,000 funko products and if the Box is murdered majorly then just take it out of the box and enjoy. Aloha from your friend in Hawaii!

  3. I’m an OOB collector so box condition doesn’t bother me too much when making a purchase. However, I am particular on the front-side paint jobs of the figures. I can’t stand getting a piece with scratched paint or random splotches… I would at least like to be able to see the imperfections and judge for myself prior to purchase.

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