Let’s Help Each Other Help Others!

What a wonderful Sunday!

Today we are excited to be giving back to the community and we hope it is in a big way, but we need your help!

Yesterday and today hobbyDB has been keeping track of the transaction fees they are collecting on the PPG Marketplace for a very special reason. Together we will be donating all of those collected fees to Heart of Florida United Way! The hurricane relief effort has helped more than 650,000 people. With a large portion of our community in Florida and the surrounding states, we know they are already helping some of our own.

The suggestion to donate to United Way came from a fellow PPG’er who lives and has family in the affected areas. We really appreciate the outreach from her and are excited to give to an organization with so many initiatives going on at the grass roots level.

Daily Do-Over


Our sellers from the week have even opened up their sales one more time for the Sunday Daily Do-Over! This is your chance to take advantage of all of the deals you may have missed in the week. Here are all of our featured sellers, their deals, and links to their inventory!

  • jbringo – 10% off any order over $50 – deal5 at checkout – inventory
  • videguy – 10% off all inventory – inventory
  • rabbit’s habitat – 12.5% off all inventory – inventory
  • accio pop – 10% off any order over $40 – deal10 at checkout – inventory
  • fett’s toy depot – 10% off all inventory – inventory

Enjoy the deals and knowing that today building your collection is also helping a fantastic cause!

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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