Hello Neighbor! Pops from upcoming video game due in December

Hello Neighbor, an upcoming stealth/survival horror game from Dynamic Pixels and Tiny Build, will see it’s fair share of Pop Vinyl releases to coincide with the game’s release. Granted…it’s all the same character, and each one is exclusive to a different store, but hey…why not, right? The standard version of The Neighbor features a shovel and crow; the Gamestop version features a rope and ax; The Neighbor with milk and cookies and the Neighbor with glue will both be found at Walmart; the version with apron and cleaver can be found at FYE; and finally the blood-spattered Black & White Neighbor can be found at Barnes & Noble. But wait…there’s one more! The Neighbor with Jack Skellington’s Head…errrr, I mean “Pumpkinhead Neighbor”, can be found at Toys R Us (and he glows, too!).