Donation Days And The Dealer Of The Day

Hey PPG’ers!

We had a fun weekend and are getting the numbers on how much we will be donating to Heart Of Florida United Way. We are very excited about it and will let you know in the next day or two.

Thank you to everyone decided this was the weekend to build to your collection! Whether you knew it or not you were helping others!

Dealer Of The Day

Marketplace user Kylique has been extremely active in the marketplace and a huge help in saving orders on the backend. We are excited and happy to feature her today and hope you can find some new additions for the collection!

Kylique has nearly 300 listings living in the marketplace! Time for some mindless scrolling! Check out her listings HERE!

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  1. Still wondering when the message user feature will be fixed, still seeing error messages

  2. Still wondering when message user feature will be fixed… been unable to contact A LOT of people I only contacted here

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