8-bit + Eleven = Target Exclusive Stranger Things Pops

Funko have announced that Target will offer an exclusive range of Stranger Things Pops to expand the new ‘Pop! 8-bit’ line.

Eleven, Lucas, Mike and Dustin will all be getting the pixel treatment which you can check out below!

There are also rumours of an 8-bit Demogorgon joining the mix but we are still waiting on confirmation from Funko. Keep your eyes peeled for these next month at Target stores!

8 thoughts on “8-bit + Eleven = Target Exclusive Stranger Things Pops

  1. Target is the worst. These won’t be an eBay exclusive, but good luck finding all four in store.

  2. They really should stop with everything being 8 bit style. Reserve that style for video games. Everything else done in that style looks weird to me.

    1. I thought the same thing until someone commented that it is a video game. Went to Google Play and they have an old style Stranger Things video game for free. Game was fun and now i wish they made 8-bit Nancy because that was the character i used the most. Check it out.

  3. Yes target is not good on having any pops on hand well were i live and i do agree leave the 8 bit pops for games.

  4. Target website showed 8-bit Demogorgon, I wouldn’t mind grabbing all these but I really want that haz-mat suit Joyce!

  5. These tie in nicely to the Stranger Things 8-bit game Netflix released. It can’t be a coincidence.

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