8-bit + Eleven = Target Exclusive Stranger Things Pops

Funko have announced that Target will offer an exclusive range of Stranger Things Pops to expand the new ‘Pop! 8-bit’ line.

Eleven, Lucas, Mike and Dustin will all be getting the pixel treatment which you can check out below!

There are also rumours of an 8-bit Demogorgon joining the mix but we are still waiting on confirmation from Funko. Keep your eyes peeled for these next month at Target stores!

8 thoughts on “8-bit + Eleven = Target Exclusive Stranger Things Pops

  1. They really should stop with everything being 8 bit style. Reserve that style for video games. Everything else done in that style looks weird to me.

    1. I thought the same thing until someone commented that it is a video game. Went to Google Play and they have an old style Stranger Things video game for free. Game was fun and now i wish they made 8-bit Nancy because that was the character i used the most. Check it out.

  2. Yes target is not good on having any pops on hand well were i live and i do agree leave the 8 bit pops for games.

  3. Target website showed 8-bit Demogorgon, I wouldn’t mind grabbing all these but I really want that haz-mat suit Joyce!

  4. These tie in nicely to the Stranger Things 8-bit game Netflix released. It can’t be a coincidence.

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