Volunteer Volition, Hurricane Help and Fett’s Friday Find

Hey PPG’ers!

It’s Friday so we thought we’d send you into the weekend with a little bit of information from the happenings here at Pop Price Guide. From the Hurricane Relief Weekend, to how incredible our volunteers have been and of course the Friday Daily Deal, we have a lot to talk about!


Volunteers KILLED IT This Month

This month has been truly fun to watch the volunteers be as involved as they have been. We had 34 volunteers active this month and a few listing parties were even organized. Volunteers made the whole experience fun and competitive. As such, the volunteers had THEIR BEST MONTH EVER! Over 100k listings and reports have been covered this month for the first time ever and we can barely believe it.

Congratulations, well done and the Biggest Thank You Of All Time goes out to our volunteers. The team that keeps Pop Price Guide alive, well, relevant and useful.

Hurricane Relief Weekend

Last weekend we decided we should do what we could to help those in our country affected by the Hurricanes; so the PPG and hobbyDB teams decided to donate the collected fees from all Pop Price Guide Marketplace transactions to Heart Of Florida United Way. If you decided to add to your collection through the marketplace last weekend, or plan to add this weekend, you are helping us help those in need and we appreciate it!

As an added bonus we are doing the Daily Do-Over one more time! This Sunday, all of the Daily Deals from the week will be re-opened for you to take advantage of. If you missed anything from the week, Sunday is your chance to go and grab that elusive find from one of our Trusted Sellers.

Daily Deal

Let’s start with the Friday Daily Deal announcement. Fett’s Toy Depot is next in line and offering 10% Off of all listings on the marketplace! He has some great Chase and Exclusives to check out, over 170 total listings!

Cheers and Happy Collecting From the Geeks at Pop Price Guide!

John, Alex, Brian, Chris, Jackie, Joe, Kenji, Leslie, Marija, Michaal, Misti and Dayne