The Daily Deal? Are You Pullin’ My Leg?

Hey PPG’ers!

Today is such a wonderful Monday. You may be asking, “Pop Price Guide, how on Earth could any Monday be a wonderful Monday?”

And we would answer, “Oh, lovely PPG’ers. Today is such a wonderful Monday because The Daily Deal is beginning today!” Like children in a certain magical chocolate factory, it would be pure imagination! Everyday, a Pop Price Guide Trusted Seller will be offering a discount!? Why, yes!

Okay, enough tomfoolery before I get carried away. Folks, we have asked our best, fastest, most helpful sellers to team up so that we could bring you The Daily Deal. Each day a new seller will be featured here on the Homepage and through Social, offering a discount. Together we are testing Daily Deals out for a few weeks, with each seller offering their discount for one day! This invite only program is an effort to highlight the best sellers and to help you all grow your collections!

Today’s Daily Deal

Kryptos Comix its doing 12.5% off all of their listings! Click the link below to take a gander!

Kryptos has been busy in the marketplace, has always been quick about shipping and communication! A note, Kryptos ships primarily in the US. If you are international send an email and we will do our best to help!

Thanks Kryptos!

Cheers and Happy Collecting.