NYCC Final Wave!

Funko unveiled the last of their New York Comic Con exclusives today!

First up is Lucky of Lucky Charms in Dorbz form! (Limited to 3500 pieces)

You’ll also be able to grab one of Funko’s original characters, Bone Daddy, in Pop! form! (Limited to 4000 pieces)

Funko didn’t forget about their mascot either! You’ll be able to grab the New York Freddy Pop! (6000 pieces) and Baseball Freddy Dorbz (750 pieces) at this year’s New York Comic Con.


2 thoughts on “NYCC Final Wave!

    1. And you are welcome! These things sometimes comes down to licensing issues. If you think for a second that funko wouldn’t jump on the chance to satisfy their customers and make a little money by offering popular genres you are funko in the head! (No offense) I would love some Addams family or a Vincent Price pops but in the meantime I will enjoy the huge variety that funko has provided me. Trust me, as soon ad they can get these rights, funko will hook us up!? In the meantime, thanx to funko for making my toy collection all the more rich with their pops!

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