Mortal Kombat Finally Joins Pop Games Series!

Mortal Kombat is joining the Pop Games series, and these figures look amazing. The first wave is a big one, with seven new figures, one chase, and one 2-pack. Joining the lineup’s debut will be five regular releases – Scorpion, Sub-Zero (with chase figure), Kitana, Liu Kang, and Raiden. In additional, we’ll see Gamestop exclusives of a super-sized Goro and Frozen Scorpion/Flaming Sub-Zero 2-pack, and a Hot Topic exclusive Flaming Skull Scoprion. Look for these to hit in November.

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3 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat Finally Joins Pop Games Series!

  1. The only one I really like out of all of them is the Scorpion (HT Exclusive) Flaming Skull pop. The others just look too plain, like their from MK2, especially Raiden. As far as the 2 pack, I greatly Liked the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Hot Ryu & Violent Ken over the Frozen Scorpion & Burning Sub-Zero. I don’t like the 4 straps on his head, they look corny. Also they should have made the Sub-Zero Chase the Regular & the Chase be his Cryptomaster Version w/ an Ice Sword. Sort of Dissapointing. Both the Street Fighter & Tekken pops def. were made better & Stand out more imo.

  2. I love the look of the line, I hope we get atleast 1 MK exclusive for NYCC, maybe Ermac or Repitle. Johny Cage would also be very welcome, and Tri-borg would be the easiest re-paints of all time. the could do exclusives for Cyrax, Sector, and Smoke, and maybe a Cyber-Sub chase or something. I hope the line does well so we get more characters!

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