Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Pop 2- Packs

A quartet of Pop Vinyl 2-packs are on the way from Funko, celebrating characters from the popular crossover game series Marvel Vs. Capcom. Four sets will be released this November – Captain Marvel Vs. Chun-Li, Rocket Vs. Mega Man X, Gamora Vs. Strider, and Ultron Vs. Sigma. These will each have exclusive variants as well, with the exclusive being found at Hot Topic, Gamestop, FYE, and Toys R Us, respectively.

Preorder the regular versions from:
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4 thoughts on “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Pop 2- Packs

  1. Finally, it’s been a while since Funko released anything Better than average. There haven’t been a single pop from NYCC 17 that I’m interested in, very dissapointing. Besides 4 that, out of regular releases ever since My Hero Academia came out & Balrog (LOTR) they haven’t made any pops I cared about from ANY Genre. I’m glad they made these.

    Even though I’m getting MvCI, I’m still VERY Dissapointed in their tiny, 30 character release roster. But I’ve been a Big fan of MvC since 2 came out in around 2002, & am glad they finally put out seeies pops. However, I’m not liking this 2 per Box AT ALL. In Fact, there is Literally ONLY 1 I want from Each box. I want X, Strider, Chun-Li, & Sigma. If I buy 4 boxes, how am I supposed to sell Gamorrah, Ultron, & Captain Marvel? This is a dumb choice, (just put out each seperately, you’ll get more sales, wtf!!). Also the 2 combos don’t make sense because each 2-Box characters AREN’T RIVALS!

  2. The alternate color ones aren’t fan-favorite colors, so why put them out as variants? Instead, put fan-favorite costumes/colors as variants!! Very poor decision making… If I want, I can just buy the regs & recolor / mod them Myself! Stupid Funko Variants

  3. Somebody released the cutscenes as a movie on YouTube. They are the mandatory team ups from the story mode. Still wish instead of recolors, they gave us 16 different characters, especially since rocket and gamora might as well be from the movie sets.

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