Custom Corner with TheeGamerTwins

It’s time for another PPG Custom Corner segment! This time we interviewed the talented Nolan and Trevor of @theegamertwins!

These guys have produced some incredible pieces ranging from DC Comics characters, Earthworm Jim, Captain Planet and many more.

Photo by Instagram user @JGToys

We asked them a few questions to learn a little bit more about them and their work which you can check out below.

How did you first get into customizing Pops?

We first started making customs as personal projects.  Certain characters that we wanted, were simply not made, so we decided to make our own.  We posted our customs online and got a lot of positive feedback and people wanting to buy them.  So, we decided to do limited numbers of each custom that we create!  Most of them are between 10 and 20 pieces and once we are sold out, we never make any more.

Do you both share the work load, do you each have different tasks when it comes to creating these customs?

We basically share the workload, when we get some free time we work on them.  When we learn a new technique, we both make sure to take the time to learn it.  We usually take a day or two to learn new things together, it’s just more fun like that, rather than getting stuck only being good at certain things.

Can you tell us a little about the tools you use or the process before you tackle a new design?

One of our biggest tools would have to be that we both have a bachelor’s degree in digital media.  This allowed us to jump right into 3D printing with little learning curve.  We recently purchased a 3D printer and now we can make our ideas on the computer and print them out.  This is a lot faster for us than using clay/sculpting material. When creating a design on the computer, we can go back and edit it if we aren’t happy with the design.  If we had to do that with clay, we would have to start over.

Photo by Instagram user @JGToys

If you had to choose one, what is your favorite custom you have made so far?

Choosing one is a tough choice, since we don’t accept commissions and make ones we want personally.  We’re going to choose two though, since there are two of us.

The first one would have to be Earthworm Jim, he was one of the most fun to do, and he brings back a lot of good childhood memories we have together.  He had a unique design, and transferring that to pop form was a fun task.

The second is Turnip Head, we only made one of him, and he was the most difficult custom that we had to do.  He is 50% 3D printed and the rest are Pop parts pieced together.

You are clearly huge DC fans, can you tell us how that began?

It stemmed from our childhood.  Every week we would watch Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Animated Series, and Superman The Animated Series.  It just snowballed from there.  We enjoy Marvel too, though. They both have their pros and cons.

Are there any characters you’d love to create in the future or any teases for upcoming projects you can give?

We have a lot of characters planned, we’re not sure when we will get around to them, though.  We’re working on a few right now that are going to be gifts for friends, so we don’t want to ruin the surprise. Here is one teaser though, we will be making a set that will be posted on Black Friday!

What advice would you give to those looking to dabble in customs?
Take your time on the design of the Pop and look for the perfect Pop pieces.  Always try to get a second opinion of an honest person when you are making it.  It is always good to get feedback on a design.  We have a group of friends that give us input and they let us know when things don’t look great, and we can change the design. One of the main things we learned in school was that you need to be able to take criticism if you are going to improve.
Where is the best place for people to contact you regarding your customs?

The best place to contact us would be on Instagram @theegamertwins.
You can also look us up on Facebook under Twin Customs, we don’t post on Facebook as often though.


You can check out several customs from @theegamertwins in the gallery below! And be sure to check out their Instagram page.