Coming Soon Sci Fi Dorbz

Sci Fi fans, get ready to add some fantastic new Dorbz to your collections! First the classic Alien and Predator movies comes 5 new Dorbz. First, from the Predator series is a Predator Dorbz! Also swing by your local Toys “R” Us and snag the Invisible Predator Dorbz exclusive. From the Alien movies, check out the Alien Dorbz with a 1-in-6 rarity Blood Spattered Alien chase. While you are at Toys “R” Us getting your exclusive Predator Dorbz, don’t forget to grab the dreaded Face Hugger exclusive Dorbz! Look for these terrifying Dorbz in November

From Disney’s Tron, check out the new Tron Dorbz with a 1-in-6 rarity Glow-in-the-Dark chase variant. Also from Tron, is a new Sark Dorbz. From Disney’s The Rocketeer look out for The Rocketeer Dorbz and the 1-in-6 rarity Black and White chase variant. These 5 Dorbz will be flying into stores in November.

Finally wrapping up the Sci Fi Dorbz wave is from the sci fi classic Star Trek. For all you Spock fans, comes 2 new Spock Dorbz. Watch for the regular Spock Dorbz and the 1-in-6 rarity Mirror Universe Spock. Add these to your Spock Dorbz collection in November.