Coming Soon DC Bombshells Wave 2

Update: BAM has put their Catwoman exclusive up for preorder. Click here to get yours!

DC fans brace yourself, wave 2 of the powerful bombshells Pops has arrived! These World War II style pinup gals look awesome! Coming soon: the cunning Poison Ivy, Baseball Star Batwoman, high-flying Hawkgirl, the Kryptonian princess Supergirl, and the agile Catwoman. Catwoman also comes in 1-in-6 rarity purple outfit chase version. Wave 2 also features some spectacular exclusives. Sepia Supergirl can be found at Barnes & Nobles, Sepia Catwoman will be at Books-A-Million, Hot Topic will have the Sepia Hawkgirl, and finally, introducing the first Michael’s Craft Store exclusive, red and green Holiday Wonder Woman. Catch these gorgeous ladies in stores this November!