Collector Showcase with Yohann

Hello. My name is Yohann. I currently live in the Paris region in France and I am 16 years old.

I have collected Funko Pop! for about 2 years now. What I like is the rare pieces.

What I like about collecting is that for me to buy a new item is always a goal because at my age earning money is not always simple and I refuse to ask my parents to finance my collection.

1. How long have you been collecting Funko products?

I have been collecting Funko products for about 2 years now.

My first Pop! Was a simple gift and then I discovered that there were hundreds and hundreds of them.

2. What was your first Funko item?

My first Funko Pop was Woodbury Walker.

The funny thing is that I had never seen a single Walking Dead episode in my life but the person had bought it just because it was cool.

3. How many Funko collectibles do you own?

I have around 65 Pop! because I favor the purchase of scarcity rather than quantity.

4. Do you have a favorite line Or a line you would like to see?

Unfortunately I can never decide on my favorite range, so I would say Horror and Ghostbusters.

5. What are your favorite Top 5 “must own” items in your collection?

These are my Top 5 favorite pieces in my collection:

1 – Jason Voorhees Unmasked SDCC 2015

2 – Stay Puft Marshmallow Man SDCC 2014 GITD Signed by Ernie Hudson

3 – Jessie Pinkman SDCC 2014

4 – Gremlins Chase

5 – Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Pink GITD

6. What is your best deal/favorite find story?

I would say that my best deal was for Jesse Pinkman SDCC that I paid several tens of dollars underneath its real value for a few months ago.

7. What line are you most excited about that is yet to be released?

I would love to see new Pops from the very first Ghostbusters. Unfortunately I do not think that will happen one day.

8. Do you complete sets with every variant or are you happy to just own certain Pops in a Line?

I am trying to finish the Ghostbusters or even the Chase Horror Pops.

Over time I should get there.

9. Favorite Social Networking group for News,Buying,Trading or Selling?

My favorite Funko groups are based in the UK because it’s here that I’ve done my best business.

10. Do you collect any other types of collectibles?

Indeed, I like to vary a little with my collection by adding various figurines always in the same themes as can be seen in the pictures.

11. If you could design a Line OR add Variants to an existing Line what would you create?

If I could create one or two Pops! It would be a Bloody Scream and a Stay Puft Mashmallow Man green ECCC Exclusive. To be honest all the licenses I love exist in Pop! I also would have liked that some licenses like E.T or even Saw would add more Pops but I am satisfied with what currently exists.

12. You win a contest for one single random Pop. What is the one Pop you would dread to see when you opened the box and why?

I would be afraid to see a Pop! Battlestar Galactica because I already won a contest and I got this Pop! Which I did not like at all. But of course a gift is a gift so I can’t complain.

13. Any advice for new collectors OR Something you wish you knew when you started collecting? Words of wisdom?

If I had to give advice to a new collector, here it is:

Do not rush to buy a Pop! rare. It is better to wait until finding a good price.



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