An out of this world update for your Friday evening!

Alright alright alright PPG friends! We hope all is in cosmic order after that aura altering eclipse. Custom titles and notes, pre-order banners, a selling manager page and dashboards. We have had a particularly busy month and are excited to tell you about it!

The Force Will be With You…Especially Today!

Star Wars fans have good reason to be excited, with today being the second annual Force Friday! Dozens of new Star Wars items were released by brands from all walks of life, including a slew of items by Funko. You can see the official lineup here, and be sure to keep your eyes on the Newly Added section to start adding them to your collection and want list!

The Marketplace

How about some buyer love? What about opening up and being transparent? How about a show of faith that we are looking out for the other side of this relationship. Well, here we are to let you know that we have been thinking about you, the buyers, and we have implemented some features that will (hopefully) make your experience much better.

Find the best price immediately

We need to clean up the visuals of the marketplace a bit and one of the ugliest issues of having multiple listings of the same item in the marketplace, so we added grouping. Now multiples of the same pop will be displayed as ‘# For Sale From $X.XX’. This means you’ll now be able to quickly find the best price for the item that item you’ve been wishing for.

Confirmations and Updates!

Now at the end of transactions, a nice little page comes up to ask you for your email address. As long as you put in your email, you will receive your hobbyDB sales confirmation AND the tracking update. With the release of the seller dashboard, once a seller inputs tracking information (granted you provided an email), you will be immediately updated!

Trusted Sellers

Wait, a buyer update that has some real impact to your experience? YUP! We recently started a Trusted Sellers Program that we are very excited about.

Hopefully, a few of you have seen the new ‘hDB Trusted Seller Badge’ appearing on some listings in the Marketplace. The badge is meant to highlight sellers who have been active, post accurate listings, ship within the 5 day time frame or are pro-active about sending tracking and updating us with any issues. The amount of delay and issues avoided because of these sellers definitely deserved a badge of badassery.

Keep your eye out for those badges! The listings with badges on them are more than likely going to hit your doorstep, in the stated condition, and in a reasonable time frame!


We didn’t want to leave the updates at trusted sellers, we needed to add even more juice to this box, a little more elbow to the grease, if you will.

A reflection of the seller dashboard, definitely not beautiful but absolutely utilitarian. In this first version that we wanted to release to you ASAP. You can see your orders, if tracking numbers have been entered or not, and you’ll be able to report issues with your orders.

This is the first version and we will keep y’all updated as changes are made. If you have any questions or ideas just let us know!

Moving Forward

As always, we continue moving forward! Currently in the development cycle we are working on backend features that will help clean up sale processes and improve communication!

Any questions comments or concerns, send em our way!

We appreciate feedback, comments, concerns, impromptu dance parties and you guys. Thank you for all of the support and helping us be something big enough to even think that a tee shirt would be cool. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!