A little something to fill that Game of Thrones deficiency

Now that we are a couple of weeks removed from Season 7 coming to an end, and we have a year of waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones, and 2 months before NYCC with Lyanna and Jaqen, now is a good time to fill in those holes in your Funko Game of Thrones collection.

The guide contains 205 unique items for our 12th biggest Franchise. Game of Thrones spreads out across almost all corners of the Funko collecting universe. POP!s, Rock Candy, Mystery Minis, Dorbz, and Action Figures. There is a little bit of everything for all types of collectors, and much of it available from the marketplace right here on PPG. From the newest items, the 2 Rock Candy figures are available for Pre-Order in our marketplace from “Stars Toy Shop”, to the oldest, POP! GoT #01 Tyrion Lannister is available for only $10. With prices ranging from $3 to $150, there is a piece from the Game of Thrones franchise for every budget. While we don’t have the 3 big ‘Grails’ (Headless Ned, GitD White Walker, Scarred Tyrion) in the POP! line, the marketplace does contain several of the vaulted figures that you might need to finish your set.