This is (Almost) Halloween! Walgreens Exclusive NBC Pops

Funko have officially announced Walgreens next two The Nightmare Before Christmas themed exclusive Pops!

The first is Sally with Cat and the second is Behemoth. You may be asking yourself; “Hey, weren’t these exclusive to New York Comic Con last year?” Well you’re almost right! But these ones glow! (Oooooooooooo!) The cat that is included with Sally also happened to be flocked in this variant. Check them out below!

These are expected to arrive in stores any day now!




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One thought on “This is (Almost) Halloween! Walgreens Exclusive NBC Pops

  • August 31, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Anyone know how to find exactly which Walgreens get exclusive pops? I live in a bigger city, full of Walgreeens,but I never have any luck finding anything. Any tips would be appreciated 🙂

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