Marketplace Update: Seller Dashboard and a More Streamlined Tracking

Quick update PPGers! The marketplace has been working, for the most part, very successfully. There are certainly kinks in the process that are being worked out and worked on daily. Today we take one giant leap toward smoothing out the kinks! The release today isn’t just a tool for people selling, buyers are getting a much needed confidence boost and the hobbyDB sales support is getting an assistant so they can better help.

Houston, We have a dashboard.

Imagine, it’s 1969 and you are at the helm of the greatest machine ever built by mankind. In your immediate vision the dash is displaying readings and systems that reflect all of the research and hard work humanity has put in to get you here, on the launch pad, ready for lift off.

Please intro the aptly dubbed, Seller Dashboard Version 1. Okay, this might not be THAT epic but it is a pretty convenient and useful tool for sellers. In the first version the seller dashboard allows viewing of completed and pending sales, searching sales by orders that need tracking information and the ability to see lifetime sales statistics.

The best part of all of this is? Tracking automation for buyers!

Up until now all tracking information has been a real pain in the Pop! Manually being sent from sellers to sales support (To PPG Sellers: A massive thank you to those who were diligent about shipping and sending those numbers!), then sales support had to manually send all tracking information to the buyers. Some orders, in this very manual process, were neglected and missed. (To Our Buyers: Thank you for all of your patience! You all have been incredible to the hobbyDB team and we at PPG appreciate that.)

We are getting to a more streamlined process with this new seller dashboard and now, as soon as sellers enter tracking in the dashboard, buyers will automatically receive their tracking confirmation. **We do need your email in order to update you this way. Therefore; if you would like to receive these tracking emails, please enter your email post checkout! Entering your email here will also send you a purchase confirmation.**

Up, Up, and Away!

Getting out of the atmosphere was a step by step process and we are taking the entire marketplace in the same fashion! We are planning a similar tool for buyers, more features for the marketplace as a whole and more automation features like wish list emails that’ll update you when someone puts that Vaulted Ursula up for sale you can be the first to jump on it!

A Message to Seller Re: Old Tracking Numbers

Apparently some sellers have been getting hit with requests for old tracking numbers in their dashboard. If this is the case with you and you have already provided the tracking, please ignore. We’ll get them updated and out of your way as soon as humanly possible.