Mad Max: Fury Road Collectibles Coming Soon!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we have our first look at a whole bunch of Mad Max: Fury Road inspired collectibles coming from Funko later this year!


Furiosa will have a 1/6 chase variant with goggles and blood splatter.

Mad Max also has a couple of variants, though it’s not quite yet sure if one will be a retailer exclusive.

Immortan Joe will also have a 1/6 chase variant where we are able to see that beautiful face that lies under the mask!

No set is complete unless there’s someone playing a flame-guitar! Luckily you can get your hands on The Doof Warrior or Coma Doof.

Another character, another variant. Nux also gets two Pops!

Rounding out the set, Capable and Valkyrie.


Rock Candy

Furiosa also gets her very own Rock Candy vinyl figure!


Mystery Minis

If Pops and a Rock Candy weren’t enough for you, you’ll also be able to get your hands on a whole set of Mystery Minis! Check them out below!