Justice League Galore!

Funko showcased the rest of their Justice League tie-in merch today! They recently announced a wave of Pops from the movie but no set is complete without a few exclusives!

After seeing this announcement and the Aquaman Pop! from SDCC this year, it’s very possible Oprah Winfrey was present when pitching ideas for exclusives for this set.

Wonder Woman and Cyborg will also both have variants with the Mother Box in hand!

You’ll be able to find both at Walmart soon.

Hot Topic will have their own exclusive of Mera and if you’re looking to pick up Batman and Aquaman, FYE will be carrying a 2-pack.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller and cuter, you might be interested in these Justice League Dorbz and Pocket Pop! Keychains!

Batman, Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman make up the keychain line-up, while all four (with Aquaman getting a chase variant) will be joined by Steppenwolf to round out the set of Dorbz.


Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg will also be joining the Superhero Plushie line.

Last but not least, no giant movie tie-in announcement is complete without some Mystery Minis! Don’t forget to keep an eye out at Hot Topic and GameStop for their exclusive figures.

Let us know what you plan on grabbing from this wave of products in the comments section!


Pre-Order now at:

Entertainment Earth


Pop In A Box (UK)


Pop In A Box (US)


10 thoughts on “Justice League Galore!

  1. Is there any word on the unmasked flash that is shown on the back of the Bruce Wayne and Aquaman from SDCC?

    1. yes, this will be an exclusive to Regal Cinemas and theaters showing RealD 3D Movies in the US. No word yet on how they will be distributed there or how limited they are. You should expect to see these when the move releases or close to it. I’m just glad all my old co-workers there are gonna hook me up with one!

  2. just need the basic JL set and mera out of those. my walmart sucks for getting exclusives i want, so maybe/maybe not on those.

  3. No Steppenwolf? Parademons? Unmasked Batman? Cyborg with Hoodie? Jim Gordon? Silas Stone? LOIS LANE???? Flash with Lightning? C’mon Funko step up the game!!!

    1. Don’t forget there’s likely going to be a LoC box for it. Also, they did Bruce Wayne, so Unmasked maaay or may not happen.

  4. 199 – Aquaman (Motherbox)
    200 – Bruce Wayne
    201 – The Flash (Unmasked)
    202 – ???
    203 – ???
    204 – Batman
    205 – Aquaman
    206 – Wonder Woman
    207 – Superman
    208 – The Flash
    209 – Cyborg
    210 – ???
    211 – Wonder Woman (Motherbox)
    212 – Cyborg (Motherbox)
    213 – Mera

    There’s still at least 3 pops that we don’t know yet. Since Vulko is a dorbz, is he getting a pop version too, with Steppenwolf and a Parademon as the other two? Or maybe (Armie Hammer?) Green Lantern and/or Solar Suit Superman?

  5. Where is the Gladiator and/or Rambo pop. Hell I’ll even take a Cocoon or Police Academy pop at this point. Cant go wrong with anything related to Steve Gutenberg! But add Wilford Brimley and you got yourself a one crazy party. Seriously the way Funko releasing some of these Pops its beginning to lose its collecting luster. #stepupthegame #pop?morelikepoop

    1. I am about to add them, we were waiting until we could get names for all the characters. but since they are hitting the shelves, I guess we can’t wait any long. If you can provide a name for the purple bug creature or the red ‘robot-looking’ figure that would be a great help

      Sorry those are the unknowns from Thor: Ragnarok. The unknown for Justice League is the Man with the spear at the corner of the box of the non-exclusive picture.

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