What’s your sign? Leo Freddy is up next in the Funko-Shop

Funko recently kicked off their Zodiac Pop line with the Water sign,Cancer. Up next is Leo Freddy available  in the Funko-Shop with a Limit of 1 per person. Leo is the Astrological symbol for those born between July 23rd and August 22nd. The Lion that symbolizes those born under this sign are considered to be the rulers of their Universe. They are ambitious,dignified and strong. It’s their sense of power that allows them to get things done. Leos are natural born leaders,dramatic,creative,dominant and possess qualities that are difficult to resist and help make the lion(lioness) “King of the Jungle”. Will you be adding Leo Freddy to your collection?

9 thoughts on “What’s your sign? Leo Freddy is up next in the Funko-Shop

  1. I’m a Leo born on August 3rd roar lol I need this pop . Hope they have some left after the 3rd when I will have money . Freddy Leo is adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. You should be able to get him when you are ready. The Cancer Freddy is still up for sale in the Funko Shop at the moment so they probably made plenty of Leo Freddy’s as well. 🙂

  2. I am waiting for Taurus. I was born just before Taurus ends, so May 17th ish. I only want Taurus, so if I could get a heads up once it goes live, then i’d sure appreciate it! Oh, and also, you can spot next months pop ( Virgo ) behind Cancer’s box.

    1. Cancer Freddy was the first one released in the series. Leo is out now, followed by Virgo, then most likely Libra after that.

  3. I’m a Libra,the Scales of Justice. It’s the only Zodiac symbol not represented by an animal or human form (Gemini Twins). Yep,Virgo will be up next and then the rest of the Zodiac symbols should follow in the order that they fall with each available towards the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

  4. For me, I’m waiting they will start to ship in Canada… But looks like it will happen after all zodiac pop! will be sold out.

    #sad #ShipToCanadaPlease

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