SDCC 2017 Round-up! (Updated with Shared Exclusives)

The gang of nerds here at PPG thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of all the Funko exclusives that will be available at SDCC this year. UPDATE: Links are being added to online exclusives, thanks to the folks at Funko Experts!

If you’ve been collecting Funko items for a while, you probably know how this works by now. But if you’re new to collecting (I wish your wallets well) or haven’t experienced the Funko convention exclusive phenomenon before, here’s a handy guide to how this whole thing will work come July 20th. (The Funko pros out there can feel free to skip this next part.)

Okay, let’s cover the basics with a few Funko/SDCC 101 questions:

What is SDCC?

Okay guys, where have you been? Have you been stuck in the desert with no cell reception for a while? Have you just discovered that the Safari app on your iPhone isn’t a hunting simulator game? If it’s neither of those I’m still going to give you the benefit of the doubt and fill you in! SDCC – or San Diego Comic Con – is an annual pop culture convention that welcomes hundreds of thousands of people each year. It gives people the opportunity to take part in panels with celebrities from the next upcoming blockbusters, chances to get their favourite comics signed by creators and much, much more. It also attracts vendors like Funko to open up boothes and sell exclusive items.

When is SDCC this year?

It starts Thursday, July 20th.

What do people mean when they say “shared exclusive”?

Every SDCC, Funko announce many exclusives that will be available at their booth at the convention. However, the con isn’t always the only place you can find some of these items. Usually the day before the convention begins (in this case it will likely be July 19th) Funko announces their list of “shared retail exclusives”. Basically what this means is certain retailers like Hot Topic, GameStop and Barnes & Noble will have select exclusives available online or in stores during the convention. In the build up to SDCC, leaks do occur (employees see stock in warehouses, items are found in systems etc) but it is best to wait for the official confirmation from Funko before you start your planning. Most of the retailers will have these “shared exclusives” available on the first day of the convention which will be July 20th this year. Some companies like Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble actually list them on their websites during the early hours of that morning, too.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the official announcement so you can plan your attack and aim to pick up your favourite exclusives! And remember, you’re probably not going to be able to get everything you want. My advice would be to choose your favourite couple of items and plan to head to those retailers first.

Will these SDCC exclusives be worth anything?

It’s never a sure thing, but yes some of them probably will be, others will likely stay valued for around retail value – it really just does depend on many factors. Also, if you’re planning on buying exclusives just for value, you’re probably buying them for the wrong reasons. Be courteous to your fellow collectors and don’t be greedy. Just buy what you need and move on.

My local “xxxxxx” store had no or limited stock and now I’m upset, what should I do?

We get it, we’ve all been there – the guy in front of you got the last Pop! you waited in line for for what seemed like an eternity, or the delivery didn’t show up on time – it sucks. But remember, these are just collectibles. Don’t give employees a hard time, they’re just doing their job and likely following company policies. If there’s another store in the area, try your luck there or hope you can find one later for a reasonable price online.

I’m going to SDCC this year, how do I buy these exclusives?

Given the popularity of Funko, they now host a lottery in the mornings of each day of the convention so you essentially need to “win” an opportunity to line up at their booth (#5341) and buy the exclusives you want. Be prepared for a lot of waiting, a lot of lines and the possibility of them being out of stock. You can find out more info about the lottery here.

Now let’s take a look at all of the Funko goodies that will be available at San Diego Comic Con this year!

Star Wars 

  • Pop! Bodhi Rook¬†Shared with: Target
  • Pop! Combat Assault Tank Trooper¬†Shared with: Walmart
  • Pop! Supreme Leader Snoke (Hologram)¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Princess Leia (Hologram) & R2-D2¬†Shared with: GameStop

Scott Pilgrim

  • Pop! Scott Pilgrim (Sword of Destiny) [2000 Pieces]¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Nega Scott¬†Shared with: Hot Topic
  • Pop! Roxy Richter [2500 Pieces]
  • Dorbz Scott Pilgrim 3-Pack [500 Pieces]
  • Rock Candy Ramona Flowers [1250 Pieces]¬†Shared with:


  • Pop! Gwenpool (Selfie Stick)¬†Shared with: Hot Topic
  • Rock Candy Gwenpool¬†Shared with: GameStop
  • Pop! She-Hulk (Red)¬†Shared with: Walgreens
  • Pop! Captain America (Bucky Barnes)¬†Shared with: Walgreens
  • Pop! Tony Stark (W/ Helmet)¬†Shared with: GameStop


  • Pop! Ren & Stimpy (Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy) 2-Pack [2500 Pieces]¬†Shared with :
  • Pop! Baxter Stockman (TMNT)¬†Shared with: Walmart
  • Pop! Catdog (Flocked)¬†Shared with: GameStop
  • Pop! The Coon (South Park)¬†Shared with: Hot Topic
  • Pop! Mint-Berry Crunch (South Park)¬†Shared with: GameStop
  • Pop! Tinkles w/ Ghost in a Jar (Rick & Morty)¬†Shared with: Toys R Us

DC Comics

  • Pop! Ares¬†Shared with: Toys R Us
  • Dorbz Wonder Woman & Ares 2-Pack¬†Shared with: Toys R Us
  • Pop! Joker Batman¬†Shared with: GameStop
  • Pop! Bruce Wayne¬†Shared with: Toys R Us
  • Pop! Aquaman (W/ Motherbox)¬†Shared with: Walmart
  • Pop! Batman (Blue Chrome)¬†Shared with: Toy Tokyo
  • Pop! Man-Bat¬†Shared with: GameStop
  • Pop! Batman (Interplanetary)¬†Shared with: Target
  • Pop! Wonder Twins 3-Pack¬†Shared with: F.Y.E.
  • Dorbz Nightwing & Deathstroke 2-Pack [1500 Pieces]¬†Shared with: Entertainment Earth
  • Action Figure Batmobile (Red) W/ Batman [1500 Pieces]¬†Shared with:


  • Pop! Cooper & Laura 2-Pack (Twin Peaks)¬†Shared with: Box Lunch
  • Pop! Elliot (Masked) (Mr. Robot)¬†Shared with: Box Lunch
  • Pop! T-Dog (The Walking Dead)¬†Shared with: Hot Topic
  • Pop! Clara (Doctor Who)¬†Shared with: Hot Topic
  • Pop! The Tick (Glow in the Dark)¬†Shared with: Barnes & Noble
  • Pop! Steve (Stranger Things)¬†Shared with: Hot Topic
  • Pop! Mr. Clarke (Stranger Things)¬†Shared with: GameStop
  • Pop! Lincoln as Reaper (The 100) [750 Pieces]
  • Pop! Rides Baby W/ Dean (Supernatural)¬†Shared with: Hot Topic

More Television

  • Pop! Megazord (6-Inch)¬†Shared with: Diamond Comics AND Toy Tokyo
  • Pop! Musashi (Westworld)¬†Shared with: Box Lunch
  • Pop! Robotic Dr. Ford (Westworld)¬†Shared with: Target
  • Pop! The Mountain (Armoured)¬†Shared with: Box Lunch
  • Dorbz Tormund & Brienne 2-Pack¬†Shared with: Toy Tokyo


  • Pop! Aragon & Arwen 2-Pack¬†Shared with: Barnes & Noble
  • Pop! Harry Potter (W/ Broom)¬†Shared with: Barnes & Noble
  • Pop! Luna Lovegood (W/ Glasses)¬†Shared with: Hot Topic
  • Pop! Occamy (6-Inch)¬†Shared with: Hot Topic


  • Pop! Chip & Dale 2-Pack (Flocked)¬†Shared with: F.Y.E.
  • Pop! Tigger (Flocked)¬†Shared with: Barnes & Noble
  • Pop! Mr. Toad [1500 Pieces]
  • Pop! Hei Hei¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Jolly Roger (Glow in the Dark) [1000 Pieces]
  • Pop! Negatron (Glow in the Dark)¬†Shared with: GameStop
  • Dorbz Ridez Magic Carpet W/ Aladdin¬†Shared with: Box Lunch

Video Games

Everything Else

  • Pop! The Lorax (Flocked)¬†Shared with: Barnes & Noble
  • Pop! Scare Glow (Glow in the Dark)¬†Shared with: Barnes & Noble
  • Dorbz Ridez Panthor W/ Skeletor¬†Shared with: AND Toy Tokyo
  • Rock Candy She-Ra¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Sike-O-Shriner¬†Shared with:
  • Vynl Batgirl & Poison Ivy 2-Pack (New!)¬†Shared with: Hot Topic
  • Pop! Books World of Pop! Vol. 6

That wraps up all of the exclusives that will be at San Diego Comic Con this year! However, Funko will also be selling other exclusives at their pop-up store in San Diego during the convention. Check them out below!

Looney Tunes

  • Pop! Pete Puma [1000 Pieces]
  • Pop! Mr. Hyde & Bugs Bunny 2-Pack [750 Pieces]¬†Shared with: Toy Tokyo
  • Pop! Stupor Duck [1000 Pieces]¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Marvin the Martian (Neon Lime) [1000 Pieces]
  • Pop! Marvin the Martian (Neon Magenta) [2500 Pieces]¬†Shared with: Hot Topic
  • Pop! Marvin the Martian (Neon Orange) [1000 Pieces]
  • Dorbz Bugs Bunny (Jester) & Yosemite Sam (Knight) 2-Pack [2700 Pieces]¬†Shared with: Hot Topic


  • Dorbz Huckleberry¬†Hound, Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, and Mr. Jinx (Astronauts) 4-Pack [1000 Pieces]
  • Rock Candy Wilma Flintstone¬†Shared with: F.Y.E.
  • Rock Candy Betty Rubble¬†Shared with: F.Y.E.
  • Rock Candy Judy Jetson¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Rosie the Robot 3-Pack [2000 Pieces]¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth [750 Pieces]¬†Shared with: AND Toy Tokyo
  • Dorbz Ridez Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth [1500 Pieces]
  • Pop! Peter Perfect [750 Pieces]¬†Shared with: Toy Tokyo
  • Dorbz Ridez Peter Perfect W/ Turbo Terrific [1500 Pieces]¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Big Gruesome (6-inch) [1600 Pieces]Shared with:
  • Pop! Scooby Doo (Flocked – Lime) [1000 Pieces]
  • Pop! Scooby Doo (Flocked – Magenta) [1000 Pieces]
  • Pop! Scooby Doo (Flocked – Blue) [2500 Pieces]¬†Shared with: BoxLunch
  • Dorbz Huckleberry Hound 8-Pack [1500 Pieces]¬†Shared with:

Pop! Soda (New!)

  • Marvin the Martian 4-Pack [400 Pieces]
  • Huckleberry Hound 4-Pack [400 Pieces]


  • Pop! Tee Marvin the Martian (Boxed) [500 Pieces]¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Tee Huckleberry Hound (Boxed) [500 Pieces]¬†Shared with:
  • Pop! Tee Scooby Doo (Boxed) [500 Pieces]¬†Shared with:

If you’re planning on heading to the Funko pop-up store this year, here’s some useful information:


448 West Market Street in the Marina District
(directly across from the Grand Hyatt Manchester)

Opening Hours:

Thursday-Sunday, July 20-23, 2017

Other Funko Exclusives at SDCC 2017

If you’re at the con this year and happen to find yourself at the Entertainment Earth booth, you’ll actually be able to pick up two Toys R Us exclusive Pops: X-23 and Scott Pilgrim (Plumtree Shirt)!

UPDATE: Funimation have announced that they will have a masked Ochaco (from My Hero Academia) available at their booth at SDCC.

If you’re planning on hitting the Blizzard booth, you’ll be able to grab the Carbon Fibre D.VA w/ Mech 6-Inch Pop!¬†Also available online!


Whether you’re at the con, frantically pressing F5 while you shop online or hitting stores on July 20th, good luck and happy hunting from everyone here at PPG!

15 thoughts on “SDCC 2017 Round-up! (Updated with Shared Exclusives)

  1. That Tick pop is the most disappointing basic piece of crap I have ever seen. No thought went into the design of this, its just a recolor of a flash/capt America pop. Such a waste

    1. I agree. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt since it’s Glow in the Dark, but it looks awful. It’s not even close to the same blue as his actual costume.

  2. I saw that they will also have an SDCC17 exclusive Rick and Morty Tinkles w/ Ghost in the Jar POP!, is this true? if soo do you have a piece count on this?

    1. I saw that too…in fact that’s the only piece I knew about before this post. I wonder if their plans changed?

    2. Ah yes I forgot about that one! I’ll add it in. Weirdly it wasn’t in Funko’s complete SDCC list

  3. Wish I was down in San Diego. My “must haves” from this list:

    …Holo Leia (is the R2 in that pack any different?)
    …Wonder Twins
    …Baby with Dean
    …Mr. Toad
    …Mr. Hyde and Bugs Bunny
    …World of Pop Vol. 6
    …and probably Dwarven Colossus

    Plus about ten others I will get eventually, but can wait. ūüôā

  4. For the Blue Scooby Doo shared with Barnes and Noble, will there be any make it to the store locations or online? or will they only be available at the pop up shop

    1. The list has it under Box Lunch now. I can say that one particular Barnes and Noble didn’t get any Scoobys, so it’s probably shared with BL now. If it is with BN, I’d def try online.

  5. For the Blue Scooby Doo shared with Barnes and Noble, will any make it to the stores or online? or will they only be available through the pop up shop?

  6. B&N was the worse retailer, their site essentially crashed the moment the exclusives were available. If you look at the reviews for each pop, plenty of people complained about being unable to checkout, items disappearing from their carts and becoming sold out.

    1. Same happened to my bf and I!!! Extremely frustrated and irritated…we won’t be using them again anytime soon.

  7. Was very fortunate to get ahold nearly everyone I was after this year. Tdog, Snoke, Leia/R2, and after half a day of checking and re-checking availability on BoxLunch dot com, I finally got lucky and got my main one I was after, The Mountain =)
    I did miss out on Skeletor w/ Panthor Dorbz Ride, Tormon and Brienne Dorbz, and Aragon and Arwen Pop, but hopefully I can swap some I have access to that someone else might be looking for and unable to find. I can get all the Gamestop Exclusive ones, including Leia/R2.

  8. The “Night King” 44 SDCC 2017 exclusive figurine is not listed on the site? Is it because there is already a Night King 44 figure? Will it be listed?

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