9 thoughts on “Pop NFL Series 4

    1. Same thing with the nhl line :/

      They could at least stray from current rosters. Give us God’s of the sport that make it impossible for us complain about it not being a member of our fav. teams.

      Like I wouldn’t be so upset about mike fischer not getting the pop treatment for his work this season if it was him v. mario lemiuex as a pop… not a predator, but its still f-in mario lemiuex lol.

      But I digress…

    2. I’m a Raider’s fan, stoked for a Bo…but don’t need another Carr. Agreed there should more teams. At least make legends for then.

  1. the tru antonio brown looks good…

    thats all the good things i can say about these pops tho

  2. I know Funko is a business and wants the sure money, but why do people give into their nonsense and keeping buying slight, lazy variants of the same characters. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers? Really? It’s like Harry Potter and Batman. How many outfit changes or held items can you keep changing on the same molds??

  3. Once again, more versions of players that already bloody exist, and not a single Ravens player. Jay Cutler was released, but no, Joe Flacco is a no – no.
    Such bs. There are more than 10 teams in the league, Funko.

  4. Legends from each team would be great, as I’ll probably never get a current Jets player. I’d love a Curtis Martin, Joe Klecko, or even Wayne Cherbet. I’m sure fellow fans of crappy teams would agree with this.

  5. As a Patriots fan there are way too many Tom Brady’s. It would be nice to see some coaches as well. I think a miniature Belichick would be awesome.

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