Our Marketplace is Booming!

Have you had a chance to check out our new Marketplace? If not, what are you waiting for?! The Marketplace is now booming with nearly 6,300 items for sale, including rarities and exclusives, and recently we’ve expanded to allow preorders for upcoming items. There’s a little something for the Funko collector in all of us, so check it out!

21 thoughts on “Our Marketplace is Booming!

  1. Is there any way to see order history or order status on HobbyDB? I bought something, got the Paypal receipt but nothing else. No shipping info, no order confirmation from HobbyDB, and seemingly no way to look up if my order has shipped or anything to that effect.

  2. I’ve sent one email last Thursday and another email just now about not receiving any payment for a pop I’ve sold. Has other collectors had this issue and how can I get this resolved?

    1. Hi There!

      hobbyDB processes payment at the time of order and holds the payment on the order until confirmation of delivery. It helps to mitigate bad sellers and minimize buyer fraud.

      1. Wtf?? Payment should be recieved before sending out the pop. I hope the system works that hobbyBD holds payment but can confirm it’s been payed so that the seller doesn’t get ripped off. It’s easier to get money back then an item. Too risky for me to even try it, good idea though

        1. Payment is received by hobbyDB upon finalization of the order. The seller is then notified that the order has been placed (and in turn payment received), and when the seller provides tracking they are paid the following Wednesday. No orders are allowed without payment being made.

  3. How do I sell my own pops on the marketplace? i have an account but I can’t figure out how to post anything? Thank you for the help!

      1. Thank you so much! I’m so sorry I didn’t even see that option pop up when I was going through the pops! Thank you!

  4. well i’ll see today. I sent out a pop and it was delivered. Today im suppose to be getting paid by hobbyDB. This is my first sale and i have 13 more pops up. So if today flops, there comming off and hobbyDB will be hearing from me.

    1. I only did one listing just to test out the mp and even helped out an issue with the buyer getting the shipping info. If nothing hits my paypal by midnight tonight, I’m going to try to find other contact methods because getting the same ‘we’re just seeing that you’re not a bad seller’ message isn’t really keeping my interest here.

      1. Hey there!

        Our current payment policy was created to ensure both buyers and sellers are protected. As a seller, if you’ve had three successful sales delivered, then you become a “Trusted Seller” and you’ll only need to provide a tracking number to confirm payment for each Wednesday.

        Please understand that we take these protective measures because, as I’m sure you know, sometimes sellers can prove to be unreliable and will ship empty packages, or make no shipments at all. We’re always willing to work with you, so don’t hesitate to email us at support@hobbydb.com

  5. well got home from work and no payment yet into my paypal account. I had 13 more listings up but decided to pull them until i hear back from tressa@hobbydb.com, at hobbyDB. Figured my payment would be in my paypal but its not. Not to happy about it right now.

    1. Hey mypops2017,

      We talked in our emails! The payment schedule is clearly defined on hobbyDB and in our original marketplace post.

      – Sellers are paid out every Wednesday, for any order that has a confirmed delivery. After 3 deliveries that are timely and in good status we will pay on orders where tracking has been confirmed. Payout will be the full amount of the sale less the hobbyDB fee(7%) and the PayPal processing fee that is carried over from the transaction(~3%). Total hobbyDB fee will never exceed $100 on an order. –

      As far as I know and can tell we are current with all pay periods up until today. We are processing payouts for ALL sellers this afternoon, as always on Wednesdays, and you will receive your payment for any confirmed deliveries over the last week, no later than 11:59 PM MST.

      1. We probably did but nobody told me about the 11:59PST to get paid up to. Also, i did go to your website but i wondered about something though. It states if the buyer isnt happy with his purchase or changes his mind they can return it. But do you guys and gals let the sellers know whats going on should that happen?

        Im green behind the ears on some of this stuff, but a plausable explantion to most of it is appreciated. What about offering a best offer option on a pop? Tracking your selling history perhaps? I do some on ebay so it does take alittle to get use to this system. Im sure you can understand that. Nothing bad,,,just saying 🙂

        1. I’m glad we were able to clear the payment concerns up. In terms of buyer issues, of course we include the sellers in those discussions. Best offer is coming soon, and we are currently working on a seller dashboard that will help you see your selling history. Feel free to email us again if you have any other questions.

  6. your market place is a mess. NOT a good experience for many reasons. no order history. no verification of what you ordered. no verification of shipping… I have ordered several things & have received 2 of them & have NO WAY of knowing when & if they are ever coming. the first time I ordered, I did not realize there was no order history so I did not write down the things I bought. the second time I took screen shots of all items. it is a great idea but has miles to go before it is ready to be successful. Thanks –

    1. I believe we’ve made it clear that the marketplace is a slow rollout and we will constantly be adding features. But in case we didn’t – there are a *lot* of things in the works to improve the experience for both buyers and sellers, including dashboards for both, more detailed initial communications, integrated tracking…and quite a bit more on top of that. We are also using this time to take any and all feedback from users about features, what we’re missing, etc, in order to make it better for everyrone. Yes, we have miles to go, but we tried to set that expectation early.

  7. Been a week since the pop i sent out was delivered and still no money im my account. Never using this marketplace again #SCAM

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