Mischief Managed! Harry Potter Wave 4 Pops & Pop Keychain Blindbags are Coming Soon!

Seven new Wizarding World Pops will be available in August.  This Wave contains figures inspired by The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Order of the Phoenix films/books. You’ll be able to add a great group of Pops to your collection including  Harry Potter with the Marauders Map,Hermione Granger wearing the Time-Turner,Ron Weasley with pet rat Scabbers,Remus Lupin,Ginny Weasley,Luna Lovegood sporting her famous Gryffindor mascot lion hat and Peter Pettigrew in human form.  I’d personally love to see a Flocked Luna Lovegood Lion Hat variant. Which of these Pops will you be hunting next month?


Another fun way to show your love of all things Harry Potter is coming in September! Pop Keychain Blindbags will allow you to take your favorite characters with you everywhere you go. Mini versions of the Harry Potter Pops in Mystery Blindbags with 12 to collect in all. Harry Potter,Hermione Granger,Lord Voldemort,Severus Snape,Albus Dumbledore,Dobby the freed  House Elf,Dementor,Harry in H sweater,Harry in Triwizard outfit,Harry with wand,Luna Lovegood and last but not least Neville Longbottom will all be available.

6 thoughts on “Mischief Managed! Harry Potter Wave 4 Pops & Pop Keychain Blindbags are Coming Soon!

  1. I’m hunting for wave four in this order, Luna with Lion hat (I too would love a flocked variant! so far we have no chases or variants of the potter line. (We do in the spin off Fantastic beast line though)) , Lupin, Harry with map, Hermione with turner, Ron with scabbers, Peter Petigrew and ginny weasley. I’ve wanted the first two for a long time. Now if only they’d make a Fluffy three headed dog i’ll be happy.

    Are these keychains going to be smaller than the regular do you know? Or are they the same. (Cause we have 7 of the twelve designs already). I am loving that Neville and Luna must get those, Then sweater and tri wizard Harrys then harry with wand. If they prove to be different than the ones we already have I’ll get the others if not I just need these five. Can’t wait to start hunting!

    1. From the images I’m guessing they are the same size as the usual Pocket Pop keychains. I noticed a few of them seem to be the exact ones that have been available in the single keychain packages for awhile. Best of Luck finding or trading for the ones you need!

      1. Thanks! I may end up having to trade for a couple of them. I hope the five I want aren’t as rare as some of the minis are!

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