Funko and Wal-Mart drop the mic with 2 new exclusive Star Wars 3 packs!

Alright Funko, enough is enough!  You’ve already released {best Dr. Evil voice} ‘ONE MEELION’ SDCC and D-23 exclusives this season. Even though that little corner of my brain, which tells me to buy everything Funko and let nothing stand in my way (like laundry, needy children, a mortgage), is currently Scrooge Mcduck swimming through a giant vault of imaginative Funko products, my wife is currently hoarding the check book and debit card.

Luckily, I can’t get cardboard paper cuts in my imagination.

However, that wont stop me from feeding my Star Wars addiction with these 2 new exclusive 3 packs (I have ‘mama don’t know money’ stuffed where she’ll never look, my lucky pair of underwear)!   Due sometime in late July. Teebo, Chirpa and Logray all make their debuts in a box straight from Endor; followed by Cloud City regulars Lobot, Ugnaught and Bespin Guard sometime in August.  Now… does anyone know where I put my lucky skivvies?

Be careful when handling Ewoks. They harbor lots of nasty diseases like cuteness, love and friendship.  Yuck, friendship.