SDCC Wave 5: DC!

Holy Batman!!! Funko comes out swinging with Wave 5 of SDCC exclusives, and it’s DC themed. They give a little love to quite of few of the lines under the DC franchise. First up, from the kick butt Wonder Woman movie is a Pop! of Ares. If a Pop! of Ares isn’t up your alley, maybe the Dorbz is. The Ares Dorbz is included in a 2 pack with Wonder Woman. Funko is also throwing a little love to last year’s hit movie Suicide Squad with The Joker inspired Batman Pop! Moving on to the highly anticipated Justice League movie, Funko is giving us 2 new exclusives, a Bruce Wayne Pop! as well as an Aquaman with Motherbox Pop! If none of those has got you excited yet, maybe some new Batman Pop!s will. Coming exclusively to Toy Tokyo is a Blue Chrome Batman. Or maybe the Interplanetary Batman with a space helmet Pop! is more your style. If you collect Action Figures, then you may want to check out the Red Batmobile with Green Batman. This new piece is limited to 1500.  Adding to the new wave of Batman The Animated Series is the Man Bat Pop! Rounding out the wave is a 3 pack of the Wonder Twins including Zan, Jayna, and Gleek, and a Dorbz 2 pack of Nightwing and Deathstroke. This 2 pack is limited to 1500 pieces. So how did the DC wave do? Let us know and tune in Friday for wave 6.

4 thoughts on “SDCC Wave 5: DC!

  1. A little too Batman heavy Imo. I do collect the odd Batman, but they focus way too much on the character at times. I like the blue chrome Batman and as that is a TT exclusive, It will be the hardest to find out of the Con. Joker Batman also looks good, this design has been used before by toy companies.

    Bruce Wayne is kind of a boring exclusive and could have just been a regular release.

    Will probably pick up a few of these, just depends on what else is shown.

  2. I wish the Nightwing/Deathstroke pack wasn’t limited to 1500, but oh well. I’m not going to SDCC so I’m going to have to wait for the shared exclusives.

  3. OK, this (Imo) is definitely the best wave so far, If they’re shared exclusives I’ll be picking up the Ares Pop, Joker Batman Pop (event though I hated the film, this Pop is just so good!), interplanetary batman and Man-Bat. The Aquaman is too boring a variant for me to bother hunting for (also see my last point), I’m not a fan of dorbz, the blue chrome batman looks awful (Imo) and I’m not even going to consider getting a justice league Pop before the film is out (even though I like the Bruce Wayne Pop!)

  4. This is one of the best waves so far, probably THE best so far anyway.

    I actually really like the blue “chrome” Batman, even though collecting Batman variants isn’t my thing. But if you watch Funko’s YouTube video, you can see it’s more of a blue crystal than a chrome as it is translucent, almost transparent looking. Very cool, but will probably the hardest of the shared exclusives to find, especially with me being in Canada.

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