SDCC Wave 4: Cartoons!

The theme for the SDCC Wave 4 is Cartoons. There are some really fun additions to the Pop Animation and Television categories in this group of Exclusives. Two Nickelodeon cartoon series start the wave off with a Flocked CatDog Pop variant and the Ren & Stimpy Happy,Happy,Joy,Joy 2 Pack which will be released as a 2500 piece Limited Edition. Next is the brilliant but mad scientist Baxter Stockman from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,one of Shredders many hench-mutants. Last but certainly not least are the awesome South Park Exclusives The Coon and Mint- Berry Crunch,both alter egos originated in the Season 14 Coon and Friends episodes and will be featured in the highly anticipated Fractured But Whole RPG video game due to be released this October.

Funko has confirmed most Exclusives will be shared this year with more details to come the week of SDCC which is really good news. Which SDCC Exclusives are you hoping to add to your collection so far? What do you still hope to see in the next waves?

3 thoughts on “SDCC Wave 4: Cartoons!

  1. Baxter is the only one I care for, which is alright with me….. so far I’m gonna save a lot of money this year lol

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