SDCC Wave 3: Marvel Exclusives

The theme of SDCC Exclusives Wave 3 is Marvel. First up is the lovely Gwenpool with a Selfie Stick. Selfie Gwen is just Limited Edition. Gwenpool also makes her Rock Candy debut, also as a Limited Edition. Making their Funko debuts are Red She-Hulk and Bucky Cap, both are Limited Editions. Rounding out this wave is a new Tony Stark pop. Tony is holding his iconic Iron Man helmet as part of the Spider-Man Homecoming line. All seem to be limited editions which means there is a good chance these will all be shared. Come back Monday for a new themed wave: 3 down, 9 to go!


14 thoughts on “SDCC Wave 3: Marvel Exclusives

  1. I want that Cap and Tony, with the Star Wars already announced, and 9 MORE waves to go???
    Oh god my wallet 🙁

    1. I hope to God that 1 of those 9 waves is Dragon Ball & 1 of the 9 to be X-Men. Those are my 2 wishes, and Nothing more.

  2. I actually find this disappointing the tony is cool and the cap but that’s about it for me the star wars wave was way better hopefully the other waves will have some more stuff that’ll get me excited

  3. If that’s it for Marvel I am disappointed because I was looking forward to a Yondu V2 pop.
    I also don’t like the look of the Cap, that body mold is too outdated looking now.

    Only pops I’m interested in so far have been from the Star Wars wave.

    I think I prefer it when they would mix all lines in waves, so there was usually something for everyone during each reveal.

  4. I’m gonna pass on these. A little burned out on the million variations of Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. Next will be Cap with his shield on his back (which Im surprised hasnt surfaced yet), or Iron-Machine with Ironman legs and helmet, and War Machine arms n butt lol. And when the next round of Star Wars pops come out for Tha Last Jedi, the army of Rey, Finn, Ren, and Poe variants shall rain upon us. Like Xwing suit Poe and 5’oclock shadow hojding his new superior Schick Hydro razor and Kylo with mask, Kylo without mask, Kylo with new scar, Kylo with month old healed scar, Kylo with no mask, angry bout gettin beat up n stuff while fussing with Hux Acyion Pose Variant =P (and Funko can do a two pack with Hux fussing back).
    I do wish Funko with just go back to the basics, when we would have one or two vaiants, if that. Too many pops and too much saturation. All in my opinion. I still love collecting the money devouring, soul crushing, life owning Pops though =P

    1. I literally have only 1 variation per Star Wars character and some characters I don’t even bother to get. There are just far too many pops that look practically the same.

  5. All garbage! Don’t waste your cash! So wish the forum was still in place on this site!!! Having no social media info, and never will, I have to guess on release dates, as well what new Pops are coming out. This site claims to be on top of things, but it’s days before the new Pop announcements, as well dragging hard on updating price values on lots of Minis and Pops I’m looking to sell. Which I’ll never sell on this site!!!! Last Disney Rapunzel mini sale, for example, was listed in late May of 2017! Guaranteed she has sold many more in the last 3 weeks! You tossed the forums folks, so can you at least keep up with the current selling trends of Funko products! Hate to either rip someone off or get ripped off myself because I base my selling price on this site which hasn’t updated TONS of minis/Pops since May. Quit your stupid rhetoric on how awesome this site is getting, which it isn’t, and do what followers expect you to do!

  6. And can Funko get original to some degree?? The Stark Pop with helmet in hand is the exact same damn thin as Punisher holding Daredevil Head!! This is really becoming a money grabbing pile of crap with no originality! But I’m sure ya’ll will buy em up.. To each his own I guess

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