SDCC Wave 2: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!

Prepare to fight…. for Scott Pilgrim exclusives. Wave 2 of SDCC exclusives is dedicated to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. First up is Scott with the Sword of Destiny. This one is limited to 2000 pieces. Next up is Nega Scott. He’s just a Limited Edition, so he may be shared. Battling on to Roxy Richter. She is limited to 2500 pieces. Limited to 500 pieces is the Scott Pilgrim Dorbz 3 Pack. Rounding out this wave is a Rock Candy of the lovely Ramona Flowers. Ramona is limited to 1250 pieces. That’s all for this wave. Check back soon for the next wave folks!

5 thoughts on “SDCC Wave 2: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!

  1. Can we get the other Evil Exes? Roxy’s the fourth. I mean YEAH we’ve got Todd Ingram already but he’s third. We don’t have the summoner, the skater, the twins, or the mastermind. It’d make for a sick POP display to recreate the books and posters.

  2. Can I pay someone to buy this? And I mean it. Ill wire you money I really want to get my fiancée the Nega Scott

    1. Nega Scott is apparently a shared exclusive. It’ll more likely be with Hot Topic if I had to guess. Good luck when he’s finally released!

  3. Personally, I hate what Funko did to the Scott Pilgrim Pop line. Ramona, Party Scott, and Knives were the only wide release characters, while 6 other characters (Envy, Todd, Guitar Scott, Astro Boy Scott, Kim, Stephen), were Funko shop exclusives or SDCC exclusives. Now 3 more Pops have been added to the exclusive list, having only 3 out of 9 Pops being wide released. Hopefully these hit Ebay and Amazon and other stores after their released. Disappointing in my opinion.

  4. I don’t understand why funko isn’t releasing glams showing the edition size on the sticker… but show size stickers on the blogs’ video directly above lol

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