SDCC Funko Pop! Up Shop Exclusives

The Nerdist revealed Funko’s Pop! Up Shop SDCC exclusives and the theme is Saturday Morning Cartoons. Most of these are numbered and only available at the pop up shop, although some should pop up on Funko-Shop during SDCC, so keep a close eye.  The pop up shop this year is at 448 West Market Street in the Marina District. New to Pop! form is Stupor Duck Daffy. Stupor Duck is limited to 2000 pieces. Classic Looney Tunes fans will love the Mr. Hyde and Bugs Bunny Pop! 2 pack. This 2 pack is limited to 850 pieces. Marvin lovers like me will love the 3 different Marvin the Martian Pop!s. Marvin in Green and Orange are each limited to 1000 pieces, while Pink Marvin is limited to 2500 pieces. Also new to Pop! form is Pete Puma. Pete Puma is limited to 1000 pieces. From one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons, Knighty Knight Bugs, comes a Dorbz 2 pack featuring Court Jester Bugs and Yosemite Sam dressed as the Black Knight holding the Singing Sword. The 2 pack is limited to 2700 pieces. Together in a Dorbz 4 pack is Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, and Mr. Jinx in spacesuits. The spacesuit 4 pack is limited to 1000 pieces. We will also get 3 new Hanna Barbera Rock Candy’s, Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble, and Judy Jetson. Wilma and Betty are both just limited edition, while Judy is limited to 2000 pieces. What a wave of exclusives!

6 thoughts on “SDCC Funko Pop! Up Shop Exclusives

  1. Is there a ticket you need to have or 1st come 1st serve for the pop! Up shop exclusives???????

  2. Well it pisses me off because I live on the east coast so of course we never get any special shows or shops like this. Just the west coast bunch. I grew up with Saturday morning cartoons. Would love to have some of these but only way to get them is get ready to shell out big $$$ on ebay. Not gonna do it. Makes me not wanna collect.

    1. At least you live in America. Try being a collector in Australia. It isn’t easy.

      1. I know right? New Zealand is the same, was gutted when I read that Lincoln reaper is limited to 750. But whatever, I’ll just get what I can and put the rest on the wish list hopping to get it one day…

  3. I want that Pete Puma Pop! but I know I won’t be able to get it! (Hey, Funko! Are you going to do ANYTHING with that Underground toys acquisition and help out the Brits?)

  4. Email tweet and complain about thee Westcoast bias Nycc 17 I is coming but unless you bought tickets months ago thats no good so lets complain we have the power!!!!

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