PPG Marketplace Update – Get Ready to Sell!

You’ve been wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ ♫ ♫ for a Marketplace…eons have passed, sixteen new Popes have been appointed (that’s a lot of white smoke), and we’re just a step away from colonizing Uranus. (hehehehehe). OK, maybe that’s all a slight exaggeration, but we promised to take our time developing this new Marketplace to ensure we’re covering all of the bases, and it’s with great excitement that we announce the next phase of our rollout. You, the good people of Pop Price Guide, now have the streamlined ability to sell your goods on the Beta PPG Marketplace, powered by our friends at hobbyDB.

Our goal is to open up a world of available items and make both buyers and sellers happy across the Funko universe. Remember, this is a work in progress, so PLEASE make sure to share your thoughts with our team so we can make sure everything is bombdiggity.

Want to sell your items? Here’s a little ditty about how to get started –

Because the marketplace is powered by hobbyDB, you will need to have a hobbyDB account in order to sell. This step is super important and it will help keep the marketplace safe and secure for all of us. So let’s get started!

Click on the List For Sale link on the item, search, or category page

– If you’re not signed in to a hobbyDB account, then you’ll be directed to the sign-in/create an account page.

– Once you login or create an account, you’ll be taken to the list item form.

– When you reach the list item form, fill in the details of your item, upload your pictures (or select the standard image), add price and postage details, and then click the “Sell this Item” button. It’s just that easy!

How much does it cost to list an item?
Nothing! We only charge a small fee when an item sells. The marketplace fee is 7% of the item cost, plus the customary PayPal fee of roughly 3%. These fees help cover the cost of maintaining the marketplace.

So you’ve sold an item, what happens next?
Cue: fist pump, high-five, and happy dance. You’ve made a sale!

Ok ok ok, now that you’ve had adequate time to celebrate, you may be thinking, what happens next? Well, it’s actually a super simple process from purchase to payday. We have dedicated Jedi who are here to ensure all transactions and interactions between buyers and sellers are easy as pie.

– You’ll receive an email with all the details you’ll need to ship your item
– Package the item and ship it directly to your customer within 2-5 business days
– Once you have a tracking number, please email it to hobbyDB’s lovely sales manager Tressa at tressa@hobbydb.com (you will soon be able to do this directly on the website because we know it’s a little bit of a pain).
– Every Wednesday you will be paid for items that have been received by your fellow PPGers.

And there will be moar. Moar! MOAR!! (And not just because Billy Idol said so.)
There will be many new features coming to the beta marketplace as we continue to get feedback from you all. Always let us know what you think is working and what isn’t at support@hobbydb.com. If you’re interested in a live demo of listing items for sale, email us and we’ll get you all set up!

27 thoughts on “PPG Marketplace Update – Get Ready to Sell!

  1. So cool. Love everything y’all are doing with the marketplace. Thank you so much.

  2. So you don’t receive payment until after the buyer has received the item? I’m a little wary of that because most marketplaces require payment first and it’s much easier to get scammed as a seller than as a buyer

    1. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but it looks like the buyer pays up front, but then HobbyDB holds the payment until the item is received, sort of an escrow situation.

      1. This is correct. As long as a tracking number is provided by the Wednesday payouts, the seller gets their money on Wednesday.

  3. Hello, when something sells on the PPG Marketplace, will it effect the PPG valuation? I think it should OR have a PPGMP valuation at least.

  4. 10%? That’s a little absurd. I can’t see this lasting very long.
    The system you have set up is overly complicated. Why would I want to make yet another online profile instead of just using the one I already have? And then I have to pay someone for doing nothing but holding my money until the buyer says they got it? What’s stopping someone from just saying “it never showed up”?
    This is going to be big problems

    1. its the same as other such as MERCARI and STUBHUB…

      ebay charges way more lol so ill try this out for now

    2. The money isn’t held until the buyer receives it, the money is only held until a valid tracking number is given to hobbyDB. You’re not paying someone to hold your money, you’re paying a nominal fee to protect both yourself and the buyer, and to have your items exposed to well over 100,000 users.

      1. Also, see my comment below about 10%. eBay charges 10% plus 10% on shipping and there’s roughly 3-4% for PayPal. 7% plus PayPal fees is more than reasonable.

  5. I am curious about seller ratings and legitimacy of the products they’re selling. I’ve already seen a couple of items that are too good to be true. Yet when I click on the seller name it only takes me to a page of other items the person has listed, with no feedback. Do I need to be logged in to the selling database site to see something like this? I really don’t want to join another site just to feel secure in the purchase. Thanks for any info you can offer on this.

    1. A seller feedback rating system is something that we know is very important to buyers and we will be implementing in the near future. For now, rest assured that you’re protected by PayPal for any transactions that are not followed through as expected.

  6. 10% is perfectly fair for this. The 10% is actually 7% to hobbyDB and roughly 3% to PayPal (the standard PayPal fee). This is far lower than eBay, who charges 10% on the item itself, 10% on shipping charges (absurd), then PayPal charges their cut.

    If you sell a $100 item on eBay with $7 shipping, you’re going to pay eBay a minimum of $10.70 ($10 for the item, $.70 for shipping, plus a listing fee depending on the category and how many items you listed that month). You’ll then pay PayPal $0.30 plus 2.9% of the total amount received. 2.9% of $107.00 is $3.10, plus $0.30 equals $3.40. So between eBay and PayPal, you’ve paid $14.10 on your $100 item. With hobbyDB, you’re paying $10.40 (7% of the item ($7.00) plus $3.40 for PayPal ($0.30 plus 2.9% of $107). So on a $100 item, you’ve paid $2.70 less in fees.

  7. What will happen if someone does rip you off? Say a seller sends a forged POP, is there any type of protection in place for the buyer? Or perhaps the seller sends a POP that is no where near the mint condition they claimed it to be? On the flip side of that coin, what if the seller gets ripped off? I’m interested in using the service, I just know how easily these things can happen.

    1. We are working very hard to ensure that folks who sell on the marketplace provide PPGers the best experience possible. We know that sellers sometimes do not deliver (which happens on every marketplace whether it be PPG, Amazon, or eBay), which is why we take the necessary steps to ensure these sellers are warned and removed if they continue to provide bad service to our customers.

      We take extra steps in our process to make sure our buyers get their items and are happy with them before we pay our sellers. When you pay for your order, your money goes into escrow so that it is protected. This way, if you are unhappy with your order, or a seller does not deliver, you will receive a refund.

      This policy also protects sellers from getting taken advantage of. If a buyer is unhappy with their order, we do a full investigation into the complaint. If the buyer would like to return the item to the seller, they have five days to do so and are responsible for the cost of the return shipping. If the item is significantly different than the listing description, then the seller will be responsible for return shipping costs. After five days with no complaint, all sales are final and there can be no returns or refunds. Because we use PayPal and ensure that the payment is in escrow before asking a seller to fulfill an order, we know that money will be protected no matter what the resolution is.

  8. I think I read that you can upload personal photos of items for sale, but that stock photos is ok too? If so, I think that should be changed. Actual photos of items in hand not only helps assure buyers of the legitimacy of the sale, but gives a much better opportunity to determine condition, etc. Stock photos aren’t necessary (or helpful, or safe) unless someone is setting up pre-orders….will that be allowed?

    1. Stock photos are certainly allowed, but I agree with the notion that photos of the actual item are the better way to go. Some sellers have so much inventory of a particular item or items that it doesn’t make sense to take pics of individual items, but when you’re dealing with older items, exclusives, etc, it is really beneficial for everyone. We won’t disallow sellers to use stock photos, but I will work on getting some wording in there to encourage sellers to use their own photos when possible.

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