12 thoughts on “Pop In A Box Teases Their First Exclusive Pop Vinyl

  1. I’m guessing, since it’s pop in a box, when you order it they’ll charge you for it 4 times a month and when you get it the box will be crushed

  2. i’ve literally never heard anything good about PIAB. good luck to whoever orders this.

    1. They used to be good. Before The Hut Group bought them out. Been crap on a cracker since then

      1. I actually think they are better since the buyout. Lots of discount pops, i dont have any problems with damage but i only buy from them i dont subscribe, dont see the point when i can just buy what i want for about the same price.

        Obviously this is only going to be an exclusive for them in Europe. So if you are in the states somewhere will have it. The previous hut group exclusives were like that.

  3. I have heard exactly ONE person compliment their service and that was here in this thread lol…never head a good word about them

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