Parks and Recreation Pops go ahead and Treat Yo Self

Next month you can add the hilarious characters from Pawnee,Indiana’s own Parks and Rec Department to your Pop collection. The hit NBC mockumentary sitcom took the audience behind the scenes in the day to day bureaucracy of small town government with often absurd and unexpected setbacks in the way of progress at almost every turn. Civil servant Leslie Knope has a cheerful,can do spirit which is a stark contrast to a lot of the other characters especially the sarcastic and  unenthused April Ludgate. Also available in Pop form are Ron Swanson,he drinks and he knows things and Pawnee’s beloved town mascot elderly mini-horse Lil’ Sebastian. Andy Dwyer,Pawnee’s resident rock star/FBI Agent/Ninja will have a  Hot Topic Exclusive Bert Macklin as well as his guitar strumming Pop. When the line was first announced at the London Toy Fair in January there was concept art for Tom Haverford so we may see a few more PAR employees in a future wave.