Marketplace Update #2 – Enter the magical portal to a Funko Wonderland

It’s been a glorious two weeks at PPG – we were finally able to bring the Marketplace back to life, and the response has been wonderful! We certainly appreciate the support from each of you in allowing us to take it step by step and ensure the end result is the best feature we can possibly offer. We promised some updates about the new functionality, and we’re excited to move forward with the next phase of our roll-out!

You may have noticed the marketplace button in the navigation bar. If you were bold enough to click it, you already know the magical place it can take you.

Basically, marketplace-ception. Previously, we have used the word ‘marketplace’ to describe the ability to sell on PPG. Well now, we have added an actual destination where you can easily see all of the current For Sale items.

Perfect for those of us (ie everyone) who love to scroll through for-sale items until we can no longer resist pulling the trigger on that Planet Arlia Vegeta

So, here’s where we’re at with the marketplace timeline –

The ability to see and search all of the items for sale in one place. (Nailed It)
A shopping cart which lets you buy more than one item at a time. (What kind of day is it? A Treat Yo Self kind of day)
A streamlined ability for PPGers to list items for sale in the marketplace. (We are on schedule here and the functionality to create sale listings in a more streamlined way will be live within the next week.)

After we get that streamlined listing process up and running, we’ll be working with our friends at hobbyDB to monitor and improve the marketplace. They are also helping us make sure the marketplace is secure and in tip top shape.

Are you ready to sell some of your items?

We’ve had an awesome initial roll-out of sellers, they’ve added some amazing items to the marketplace and we’re now at more than 2,000 items for sale. Let’s just say, when someone ordered their Princess Leia (Boushh Unmasked), we had an impromptu dance party knowing that she had found a happy home.

If you are interested in selling on PPG send an email over to and we’ll let you know how to get all set up!

Signing off – Your PPG Team.

10 thoughts on “Marketplace Update #2 – Enter the magical portal to a Funko Wonderland

  1. The new martketplace is awesome. Scrolling through now….my poor wallet hahaha.

    1. Definitely a living breathing animal, the marketplace that is. We have a ton of features that we are rolling out slowly and are excited about all of them!

  2. Wow… Good for you! How about actually updating the recent sales on Minis and Pops within the last 3-4 weeks???? I’m trying to give buyers a fair price on these items yet I check here and items Like Mystery mini Rapunzel haven’t been updated since May! You ditched the forums, so how about being more current on actual Mini and Pop estimate values more recent than 4 weeks ago? Rapunzel is just 1 example.. Found tons more not updated, as you say you guys do, but not finding that to be the case on many of the items I’m looking at. Happy to list lots more if you want?!?! Hope My grammar is ok on this post…

    1. We are constantly working on the backlog! Keep flagging any suspicious activity you are seeing and we will keep checking and updating. The more and more Funko adds items, the more and more items and sales we have to track. It’s a continuous battle for everyone!

    1. They did away with the Forums & have people now going to their Facebook, IG, Twitter, & Reddit instead. I liked the Forums but oh well I guess they didn’t.

      1. Not that we didn’t like the forums! We appreciated all of the use they were getting. We took them down because there was no moderation, a good chunk of time involved with the upkeep and that a large majority of the user base was already using other social channels.

        We know it was a tragic loss for those of you who used them, but it was a lot of upkeep and we felt our time would be better spent in the guide and getting you guys new features you have been asking for!

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