Funko Announces Pop! Zodiac Freddy Funko Line

Do you collect Pops? Do you believe the alignment of the stars on the day you were born influences your traits and personality? Then today’s announcement is for you! Funko has announced Cancer Freddy Funko, the first in a series of Pops based on the signs of the Zodiac. One can assume we’ll see a new sign each month for the next 11 months, and that we don’t get another McFarlane situation (where four Zodiac figures were released, then the line was cancelled…ugh). This Freddy is $15 and is an open-ended limited edition.

5 thoughts on “Funko Announces Pop! Zodiac Freddy Funko Line

  1. For me, this is great, especially because I’m a cancer. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to get it though (I live in the U.K.) as I really want it, even though I don’t believe in all that Zodiac business 😛

    1. You may have to pay bit more but you can always try eBay. I like the concept (despite also not believing in the zodiac); probably the only Freddy Funko pops I’m interested in buying

      1. I may try eBay, but the prices are always sky high when I check. And, like you, these will be the only Freddy Funko Pop!s I’m interested in

  2. I’d love one but I’m in Australia and I’m not paying eBay prices… Shame funko shop don’t deliver overseas. I’d also love to be able to add a Freddy Funko to my collection.

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