Final Wave of SDCC Exclusives: HBO

The final wave, aside from “a few more surprises”, is HBO, meaning Game of Thrones and Westworld. First up, Westworld! Coming to you in Pop! form is Musashi and Robotic Dr. Ford Host. Both are limited edition, so they should be shared. Moving on to Game of Thrones. In Pop! form is the exclusive The Mountain in his Gold Armor. The Mountain (Armored) is limited edition, so he should be shared. The final exclusive is a Dorbz 2-pack featuring Tormund and Brienne. This 2-pack is exclusive to Toy Tokyo. According to Funko, there is one more special reveal on the way. Tune in to see what the special reveal is, what their “few more surprises” are, and what and where the exclusives will be shared!!!

4 thoughts on “Final Wave of SDCC Exclusives: HBO

  1. They should be shared? Might be a dumb question, but what does that mean? That they’ll be shared across multiple stores? Sort of defeats the purpose of “limited” if true

    1. I’m not a fan of it either, but that’s the way Funko does things. These “exclusives” show up at assigned retail stores in conjunction with the convention. To me it cheapens the whole idea of an exclusive. Sure, it makes it easier to find/afford, but if everyone has access to everything collecting becomes a very boring thing.

    2. it means that there will be a limited selection at Comic con, like in the past and then what ever Stores can and will carry SDCC ( like Gamestop, i got a SDCC Doctor Strange with a rune) will carry and sell it until no avail. they are not mass producing more. it is strictly what comes from SDCC to authorized vendors. @patientX, i disagree. it makes it more worthwhile. in some cases most people cant go to a con. where as by dropping 1 or 2 in each region makes the hunt fun. even on Facebook groups rares and exclusives are just that and i am in a group of Funko buy sell trade, that has over 5k people. if your statement was true. these excclusvies wouldnt be fetching a pretty penny.

  2. So only people who go to the convention should be able to get any of these? Funko do make limited numbered exclusives that are only available at the con and then they allow others to be shared with stores so collectors all over the world have an opportunity to get them. I don’t see what is wrong with that. Convention goers will get a different sticker on their pop, so it will have some difference.

    Honestly all this con only pops just leaves it open for flippers and then you end up with the NYCC Qui Gon issue where it’s now valued over a ridiculous $500.

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