Early Leak of Conan Pops (UPDATED 6/24)

Spotted on buses and trolleys in San Diego and LA is this year’s line up of Conan Pop!s. Representing Star Wars: The Last Jedi is Jedi Conan. From Game of Thrones is White Walker Conan. From Spider-Man: Homecoming is Spidey Conan. Lastly from Justice League is The Flash Conan. Watch Conan O’Brien and follow Team Coco during SDCC to enter to win these bad boys.

UPDATE: The Pops were officially shown off and we have pics of all four in their boxes.


UPDATE: Team Coco revealed a 5th Pop! for this year’s lineup, a limited edition MonoConan. MonoConan “will only be available through activations and giveaways taking place in San Diego” according to the Team Coco press release.

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    1. Team Coco will do sweepstakes to win these using code words from the show. These are not sold at SDCC, they are given away at tapings of the show at SDCC

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