14 thoughts on “Vader and his TIE will be defending a Target near you

    1. I know right. Other than scumbag employees we have to worry about flipper/scalpers which I can’t stand. This will probably be a big target for flipping (no pun intended). Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of the Rey’s Speeder

      1. The Qui Gon was the one that pissed me off. If it happens again, I’m reporting it. I reported it the last time. And If you check places like OfferUp, you can tell who is an employee.

        1. I basically gave up on the Rey’s speeder, Qui-Gon, and Hooded Jedi Luke because employees are always getting them and re-selling them.

          1. I figured the same issue would happen with Rey’s Speeder, because it’s Walmart of course.

          2. I purchased Rey’s speeder off Amazon a few weeks back and it was actually shipped from Walmart. That takes balls.

    2. Sadly we all know it’s going to happen. Funko doesn’t care about it, how many of us have complained it’s like Funko doesn’t care about collectors. What we need to do is boycott target stores not purchasing pops there ever, then funko will listen.

      I’m still frustrated at the fact target got the Destiny chase, I will never find one. And I’m not willing to pay 100+ for it on eBay.

  1. I know this is one people have been asking for and I’ll try to get one, but I was really hoping to see other characters announced. 7 Darth Vaders is a little much.

    1. I agree, Tie Advanced X1 looks cool and all but I would rather have something more iconic like the Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, A X-Wing (either Luke or Wedge piloting), Y-Wing, or heck the Death Star itself with Tarkin as the controller.

    2. Yeah, there are a TON of other SW characters they have yet to make. But at least it’s not as bad as all the Batman pops (but i’m a sucker for Vader and have an entire Vader collection, so you’ll never hear me complain–then again, i’m sure Batman fanboys will say the same thing, lol)

  2. There’s another Pop I won’t be able to get. Thanks Funko……..for nothing.

    1. I know right, what’s the point of releasing them if they’re just gonna get bought out and sold at ridiculous prices.

  3. I might try tget a job at Target so i can get my hands on one (not to flip)

  4. This better not end in another Qui Gon Jinn incident. Maybe this is why I never see exclusives at Target…

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