Upcoming Hot Topic exclusives – There’s a Dorbz! There’s a Pop! There’s Suuupperrmmmaaaaaaaaannnn!

Images have surfaced of some cool new exclusives coming from Hot Topic. For starters, Hot Topic will carry a Cheshire Cat Dorbz from the original animated Alice in Wonderland. Not only is it limited to 3,500 pieces, but there will also be a chase variant! To follow up on their exclusive Clark Kent Pop, we’ll also see an exclusive Clark Kent Dorbz, limited to 3500 pieces. And finally, the coup de grace, a killer glow in the dark version of the Twilight Ringwraith can be found.

How do you feel about numbered exclusives? We’ve put up a quick poll below.

How do you feel about items with a limited, defined production number?

  • I love limited edition sizes. It makes me feel like what I have is something special. (59%, 370 Votes)
  • I like limited edition sizes but think they should only be used for convention exclusives. (23%, 147 Votes)
  • I don't think anything should have a pre-defined edition count. (17%, 109 Votes)

Total Voters: 626

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11 thoughts on “Upcoming Hot Topic exclusives – There’s a Dorbz! There’s a Pop! There’s Suuupperrmmmaaaaaaaaannnn!

  1. I’m excited & pissed off at same time, finally animated Cheshire Cat Dorbz but limited to 3500 means my hot topic won’t have it thanx to where I live & will have to try to find it online for decent price but still means I pay more

    1. Chances are that no physical Hot Topics in the US will get any of them, these will probably be online only like the last few have been.

  2. If it is limited it probably will not be sold online. Maleifacent was not and she was not even limited. The nearest Hot Topic is 40 minutes away so I don’t often troll there waiting for exclusives. They need to figure out a better system. I am tired of paying eBay vulture prices.

    1. Most of their LE are sold online. They just had the Yondu and Cat in the Hat LE dorbz last week. Which Maleficent are you referring to? The new pop? It has been online numerous times in the past week.

    2. They put Maleficent up on their website three times. She sold out in minutes each time.

    3. If it is a limited dorbz it will most likely only be sold online and in canadian stores like all of the recent exclusive dorbz have been.

    4. You obviously have not done your research, All LE HT dorbz are online and canadian stores going forward and Maleficent has been in stock online at least 4 different times, the listing is still up, if it wasnt sold online why would the listing be there?

    1. they have been randomly in the past. usually 1 of the 2 for that month were in store as well. They are moving to online only now though.

  3. A HT employee I spoke to today told me June 8th Cheshire Cat will be available in store & online

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