To the Batmobile! Funko Presents 1966 Batman Action Figures

Funko continues to show love for the 1960s Batman TV series with a new set of retro style 3.75″ action figures. This series of figures includes Batman, Catwoman, Batgirl, Mr. Freeze (also coming as a chase with hair), King Tut, and Bookworm. You can nab these for July release at Entertainment Earth.

4 thoughts on “To the Batmobile! Funko Presents 1966 Batman Action Figures

  1. How do they leave Robin out of this series?!? Even if they were to make a 2nd series, it’s idiotic he wasn’t released to begin with!

  2. I agree SMSimon. Why would they make King Tut and Bookworm and not the Joker, Riddler, or Penguin???? I think it’s quite odd how Funko wil make random characters from major franchises and leave out major characters in their product lines.

  3. So apparently Robin will be released as part of a set which includes Batman and the Batmobile. But still doesn’t explain about the major villains being produced instead of the slightly random villains. 🙄

    1. I agree. What frustrates me is that Funko will start a series and leave out major characters and then stop the series because it didn’t sell well enough to continue. I’m still waiting on Tygra, Thundercubs and the 3 mutants from the Thundercat pop line

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