4 thoughts on “The Justice League Pops Into Action!

  1. Yea, imo the Flash takes the Cake as a Must-Have out of the 6!! These are my opinionated reasons as to why:

    1.) It doesn’t matter if the movie will be good or not. The Flash holds a place in my Heart that None of the 6 besides Batman do. I own the Comics Flash, the TV Show Flash, The TV Show Reverse-Flash, the TV Show Zoom, and the Comics Blue Lantern Flash ALL Pops & Dorbz. I also own the Golden Age Flash Dorbz and will be getting the TV Show Jay Garrick Pop. That being said, and Best Looking Pop of All 6, The Flash is only fitting to Add to My Flash Collection.

    2.) I feel as though there are aesthetic as well as other problems with many of them. Imo, the Batman pop looks like Cat-Woman in those Goggles. On Top of that I have Many other Batmans that look and are made better then this 1. Examples are both the B.v.S Armored Batman and the “TDKR” Armored Batman, which are both highly stylized and more Detailed than this 1. As far as WW, due to her movie coming out, the Pop market has already released 5+ to 10+ WW’s that aren’t much different then this WW. As far as Supes, yea the pose is kool, but I already own Clark Kent and the “TDKR” Supes, which in my book is By far the most Definitive Supes. Cyborg doesn’t look all that much different than Comics Cyborg.

    3.) A little off topic. I sort of get why the Movie team didn’t include Green Lantern. But to me that’s simply inexcusable. Being 1 of the 7 Founding members of the JL, I just don’t see how the Ryan Reynolds Flop is at all relevant to them Not re-casting another actor as the GL. The movie may be Amazing, but with this 1 mistake, Comis Purists will have an Extremely Negative Bias even if the movie’s Great. This 1 Mistake will seriosly Bite DC and their Cinematic Universe in the Ass. Except, perhaps Batman (Being in his own league and separate lane then the other 6 members) The Flash and Green Lantern are mine and many others’ favorite JL members, especially being Extremely Iconic as well as Being the 2 Best Friends (A packaged favorite JL Duo) with Both having unique and awesome Super powers. Owning both The Comics Flash and GL pops and Dorbz, I would have loved to buy both JL movie versions as welll, since they’re both awesome and would Naturally Complement my set. BUT… No Green Lantern.

    So, the only must-have and already pre-ordered 1 for me is The Flash.

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