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Greetings, PPGers.  

We’ve been on a roll this month, knocking out more than 4,000 price points a day! Make sure to check out the latest pricing updates if you haven’t had a chance this week.

As promised, we also wanted to keep you in the loop with a few changes that we’ll be making in the next week to help make your experience on PPG even better.

Get Help Faster

We want to make sure you’re getting your questions answered as quickly as possible. To do this, we’ve added a new support tool that lets you chat with our team of volunteers. Need a password reset, forgot your username or notice a technical issue? Let us know even faster than the old support forum with our new chat feature. You’ll find it at the bottom of your screen. We will be doing our best to monitor the chat 24/7, but please bear with us if response time is a bit longer. Our volunteers are in different time zones, and of course we need Pop time for ourselves! We’ll do everything we can to address your questions promptly.  Please also be patient with us as we work through test piloting this feature – we’re still learning it ourselves! We want to work out any bugs and aesthetics to make it the best experience for all of you.

Facebook, Reddit, and Blog will Replace Forums

After much thought and deliberation, we have decided to replace our Forums with existing social platforms. This was a difficult decision, however, we’ve noticed that folks are primarily heading to the PPG Facebook, Twitter and blog to discuss news, get help, and converse with the community. It no longer made sense for us to maintain forums that most of the community were not using, so we’ll be following your lead and plan to be even more active on our social networks. In addition to our Facebook and Twitter pages, we have opened up a Subreddit of our very own and, as mentioned above, you’ll be able to talk with our team in real time via the new support chat. Our hope is to replace the forums with more quality content including more announcements, blog posts, and better response times.

For the next week, the forums will remain in read only mode so that you can save any messages that you would like from the past. The forums will be completely removed on May 19th, 2017.

New features, new data! Tell us what you want the most!

We’re working hard to provide you with more great things that will help make your experience on PPG even better. To help us decide what’s next, we want to know what’s most important to you! We want to know which brands you want to see next on PPG, (be it kidrobot, The Loyal Subjects, or something else), and which features you want (whether that’s collection management tools, buying and selling, or another feature entirely).

Take our quick polls here to tell us what is most important to you, and feel free to give us details in the comments!

Please note: The option for a Mobile App was not included in the poll for various reasons. We know it’s high on many people’s want list, but also requires great resources and at this time is not on our immediate radar.

As always let us know if we can do anything to help, we love hearing from you.

The Geeks at PopPriceGuide

What features would you most like to see added to PPG? (Select all that apply)

  • Marketplace (31%, 734 Votes)
  • More Reporting/Collection Management Features (28%, 652 Votes)
  • Prototypes in the Guide (17%, 402 Votes)
  • Customs in the Guide (11%, 262 Votes)
  • Other (Please explain in comments) (6%, 151 Votes)
  • More Editorials (6%, 150 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,421

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What new data would you most like to see? (Select all that apply)

  • Kidrobot (30%, 971 Votes)
  • Titan Merchandise (19%, 606 Votes)
  • Other (Please explain in comments) (16%, 516 Votes)
  • Cryptozoic (16%, 507 Votes)
  • The Loyal Subjects (14%, 456 Votes)
  • Super7 (6%, 178 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,414

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139 thoughts on “New Features at Pop Price Guide

  1. I’d really like to see the splits in TV and movies brought back. It made looking at ones collections much nicer and cleaner having everything grouped together that way.

  2. I want more reporting features. As said, “More Reporting Features Coming Soon!”

    I’d just want “Top 10 Worst” and “Top 10 Recent Sales”

    The Top 10 Worst can be important on which ones could be given away, or rid of, etc. The Top 10 Recent Sales could help with knowing the increasing or decreasing sales of your Pop!s

    1. We have some huge ideas for reporting features! We’re still planning, but there’s a lot of great stuff in store. 🙂

      1. awesome, can’t wait. I feel like I am getting a huge bday gift or something with all these new ideas and things to come to my most visited and fav website =P

  3. The sales that ppg Ian based on is not accurate. The price report to ppg is not considering condition. So a low sale based on a bad box is effecting all the sales of those mint box sales. Condition should be a factor! It is to me when I buy.

    1. We actually try to only include items that are not damaged. Granted, going through 3000 listings per day it’s easy to miss some, especially if the seller doesn’t expressly state it. However, when we do miss them, members always have the ability to report items that should not be included by hitting the “Report” button next to the listing on the item page.

      1. Along the same lines, I think it would be great to separate Comic Con Exclusives from the same Pop that could be sold in stores, example, Holographic Qui Gonn, have the CC Exclusive listed separate then the one sold at Target. This is very similar to what you do with Vaulted and Originals.

        1. I think that’s a great point. The sticker. I really care about stickers, would be really cool to see the same Pop with other sticker difference on price.

  4. The reports PPG go off of aren’t accurate. Since sales are from eBay condition is not a considering factor!. So a low sale based on a bad box is effecting all the sales of those mint box sales. Value decreases every time an out of box or damaged bad sale is made. That isnt good. Condition should be a factor! It is to me when I buy.

    1. We don’t include OOB items. If you notice one has been included please notify someone at PPG through the report feature.

      1. Another great idea. Sometimes people try to sell or buy oob pops and it would be great to see PPG having prices for oob Pops.

        1. I actually added that option to my comment, bout adding Oob Pop prices to the guide. Think for the onpy Oob collectors and us who occasionaly wanna buy an Oob figure and/or want to know a value on it as such to make sure it is a good deal, good trade, etc, would be very helpful to collectors. Or, maybe add a post tagged with info pertaining to members or newbies, on how to figure a round about price on Oobs. I have heard a few different methods over the years, but I guesstimate at a value by subtracting $5-10 from PPG value, depending on condition and all of course.

      2. First of all, congratulations. I love PPG. It helps a lot and also makes me even more addicted 🙂

        I think that would be awesome to track the best brands on vinyl. I would love to see Kidrobot, Coarse, Quiccs and Kaws.

        About features and such, I would love to see different price for different stickers on boxes. Also would love to see price for oob pops.

        Keep going 🤘🤘🤘

  5. I loved having the TV shows split up my show. Its probably not a big deal, but I loved being able to distinguish the Power Rangers pops from the Walking Dead pops. It was easier to just look quickly and see those, instead of looking through a whole list.

  6. Would be idel to have a ” Pops for Trade” section. I understand this is kind of like items for sale and there were headaches with that why removed. But would be great to be able to list items for trade and then member is on there own in terms of deciding to make trade , PPG only list items has nothing to do with actual trade or outcome of trade. Just a thought

    1. Trades are kind of a touchy area because of the high amount of risk involved. We want to make sure we’re offering the safest environment for everyone.

  7. Items for trade. There has got to be a way to do so PPG does not wind up in middle and is just the handshake such as having a disclaimer

  8. Desperately would love to see some new reporting/collection managing features! Here are a few things I would like to see most:
    – Ability to track amount PAID per item, and total PAID, to compare to the value
    – Ability to toggle view to show $ amounts in Canadian Dollars
    – Ability to sort collection by value, etc. rather than only by name

    Thank you for all the work you guys do!

  9. I would like to see other line of collectibles such as black series for star wars, or elite series for star wars, and or even play arts kai, or artfx or such, even mega bloks or legos even.

  10. What others have said: Split back up TV and Movie sections for Pops. With all the TV series I collect it’s becoming a headache going through the list anymore

  11. That sucks. What about all of us old school people that don’t Twitter or facebook? These forums have been very helpful the past year and a half. Do you think that you guys could create a newsletter for people like myself that only want to use email only? Maybe make it a weekly release, or bi- weekly, whatever’s easier for you guys. Just an idea.

    1. I’m sorry, I know the forum removal isn’t popular with everyone and totally understand not using social media. The newsletter is a great idea and one we’re already discussing, so hopefully we can get that idea into fruition sooner than later!

    2. Yes, newsletter is in the works, still ironing out format, details, etc. but you shall have your newsletter!

  12. I would love KidRobot as I have begun collecting dunnys and dioramas instead of pops. I also think TokiDoki would be worth adding.

  13. Would love to see price guides for loyal subjects especially as to fact they are growing with licenses.

  14. I’ve put the price I paid in for every pop in my collection, it would be nice to see that date represented somewhere (unless it is and I’m missing it)

    Something like a value of collection vs what you put into it, seeing which pops have gained or lost the most value compared to price paid, etc

  15. Also, being able to sort the collection page by different categories such as value or alphabetical would be nice

    1. This is a feature we’ll be working on, along with ways to track expenditures and how item history compares to purchase price and retail value.

  16. Adding Prototypes to the guide is my #1 want. I know how it’s hard to price them out, but at least having an entry for them would be neat so I could see/show which protos I have.

    Adding a “Top 10 favorites” would be cool so we could see our top 10 valuewise and top 10 favorites wise.

    Since you give the options to enter box condition (or lack thereof) and price paid, I’d love to be able to toggle price paid on/off for my personal PPG page, and having the price differences for figures that are marked “Damaged” or “OOB” in your collection as well. (Even if we could JUST get OOB values added that would be sweet)

    1. Prototypes are definitely hard to price, but we recognize 100% that it would be great to be able to track them and even upload your own images. Certainly something we’ll consider!

  17. Hi, and thanks for all the hard work you guys put into PPG for us!

    I think adding a for sale/trade list would be awesome. I know there use to be a sales option where you could message other users in regards to sales, and there were issues with this, but I’m thinking more of just a list like my want list, but for sales & trades. Maybe i can check off an item as trade-able/saleable from my collection list, and it will be added to the sale/trade list (w/o our cost info, but maybe with notes), and i could share that link as options to someone offering a trade? Instead of having to go through my collection list, and naming them off to the other person. I think this would be a very useful tool.

  18. I would like a uk price guide version because prices are different over here and not everything is exact, but great service!!! pls add this

  19. Re: Pop Television. I can’t argue about the old way being cleaner, but we reached a point where we were talking about splitting out Movies, Games, Animation…it got to the point where it was going to be too inconsistent. We decided to go with the uniformity of having everything under one line the way we did with all other Pop categories.

  20. I would love to see Star Wars Black Series added to the guide and the collection tracker. There is nothing out there for tracking those figures that’s anywhere near as good as PPG.

    1. The Black Series is such a great line – if/when we get into action figures, rest assured that’s one I’ll be pushing for sooner than later! 🙂

  21. Honestly, the marketplace coming back should be a priority. I unfortunately never got the chance to use the marketplace as it closed a few months after I joined PPG. I’m all for alternatives to having to resort to eBay since you always get screwed by the fees. I also think that this site reaches a different audience than eBay, Facebook, Instagram and all of the other sources for buying, selling, and trading. I feel like the marketplace would give people a chance to make deals that they might have had trouble making elsewhere. For example, I’m sitting on some $30-$40 vaulted Pops that I’d like to get rid of but can’t on Facebook since no one is interested. I’d turn to eBay but I say screw the fees so that keeps me away.

    I’m perfectly fine with all of the features that this site has to offer. I’m not the bells-and-whistles type so I doubt I would use any new features anyways; all I need to know is what’s in my collection and some simple statistics about the value and I’m good to go.

    As for the thought of creating a guide for other collectables, I’d be fine with that as long as it was under an entirely different web address. I only collect Pops and I don’t care about other brands like Loyal Subjects and whatnot. This is POP Price Guide after all, not the “Assorted Collectables Guide”. I think keeping things simple would be what is best for PPG.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    1. The name of the guide does not have to be fully indicative of our only reporting feature. PPG is an established tracking tool for a core brand, but opening up walls to a diverse selection is not unheard of. Other brands would be separated appropriately so as to quell confusion.

    2. Seeing your user name and reading your post has me intrigued. I may be interested in some of your vaulted pops.

      1. Just going to tell you now, my vaulted ones that I’m trying to sell aren’t Star Wars related. They are Ragnar, The Hound, Tim the Enchanter, and Katniss Everdeen.

  22. How about allowing custom categories in collection instead of just in the want list.

  23. I would really like it if my collection looked more organised. For example: my animation section is all jumbled up. Instead of say Dragonballz being all together, they are dotted about.

    And I think adding a loyal subjects, titans and kidrobot section would be amazing! Great idea

  24. I’d love to see a value growth/decrease data for every pop but most important for complete collections for a user throughout a complete year, compare the collection a collector had given amount of time in the past to what they have today… Kind of like a stock market i guess.

  25. I’d like to see Star Wars black series as another option to the Price Guide.

  26. I’d love to see the addition of “Australian” or “Overseas” pops added to the lists. The real value of a lot of rarer US Exclusives are really being neglected due to the overseas pops, which in Australia are nothing more than commons, and bring the value & rarity of that pop down.

    A fantastic example are the White/Blue Lantern DC pops. Their value has completely been tarnished by the Australian versions. Another prime example will be the Think Geek Harley, which basically has turned into a chase in the US; but is now being released as a common in Australia.
    I also would love to see an eBay listing submission button added; which would be similar to what uses for example. They allow users to submit active eBay listings and the safeguard there is that users can report inaccurate listings; just as we already do here anyway. So it would be an easy addition in my opinion.
    Keep up the amazing work PPG and thanks for all that you do!

  27. I’d really like to see the Cryptozoic Lil’ Bombshells added. I just recently discovered them and I’m hooked. PPG has been a huge help to me when I was new to Funko, between the site and the awesome community on here. I’m sure it goes without saying but I’d love to see marketplace come back. It was a huge help with my mystery minis collection. Thanks for everything you and your staff, volunteers do.

  28. It would be nice to add an “ordered” to the own/want options. More reporting on upcoming Pops would be good. You could also add Jada Metals if you are going to start keeping track of other brands.

  29. As far as the MOST important thing which I think should be Re-Instated is the “Marketplace”, the ability to Buy/Sell/Trade Pops. This feature was available on PPG for a while until I believe the Fall of 2015, when it was Shut Down for good due to people getting scammed as well as other fraud reasons. Since then, the only main features of this site have been 1.) The Pop Price Guide & 2.) The Forums Section. Bringing back the Marketplace will Breath SO MUCH New Life into this website and give us All the thing that we’ve ALL been missing for almost 2 years. As far as what Collectibles lines I’d most want You guys to incorporate I didn’t select Any of the ones from Your list, and Selected “Other”, which You guys said to Elaborate on in the Comments section. So I’ll Specify what I meant when I clicked “Other”. Besides for the Popular Brands You’ve mentioned in the Poll, I for one, collect Japanese Anime Collectible Items. These are Mostly companies that produce: 1.) Dragon Ball, 2.) One Piece, 3.) Naruto, 4.) Bleach and Many other Anime Collectible Items. The products these brands make are Mostly All Collectible Figures, which vary in Size. Here are some Brands which I’d like You guys to Consider: 1.) Banpresto Figures, 2.) Square-Enix PlayArts Kai Figures, 3.) Master Stars Piece Figures & 4.) Bandai – Related Products & Figures. The reason for this request is because many of us are into Japanese Anime & Manga related collectible items, and buying these and owning these items for a good time period reflects on Changing & Dynamic Price values. I know that Your PPG Guide is based on eBay sales of Funko Products, which is how You guys come up w/ average values for Pops & Dorbz. These Japanese Products are also sold thru eBay (among other places) but have a Lot more Numerous listings than for Pops, so it would Really be nice to be able to determine how much a Figure or Figures I own which I bought some time ago are worth now. That would be a Feature which I would very much like and would Respect You Guys even more if You were to Add these sorts of products to Your Price Guide. Thanks!

  30. I love this site, but the price guide really has to give prices for different grades, out of box is a must, bare minimum. I understand how you arrive at the NM prices, but I don’t think you have to be anywhere near that anal for lower grades. Much like comic books and cards there are rules of thumb you simply follow. If you guys don’t tackle this, someone else will, and it will be a huge plus in their column.
    Reading the comments I see I’m not the only person to bring this up. It never occurred to me that lower grade ebay sales could be dragging down the price of my NM Pops. For instance I have an original Green Arrow in box that goes for 300. This time last week it was 310. Last week I noticed there was only one on ebay at 260.00, and it was out of box. Did it sell, and drag down the price of my in box pop? If this type of thing happens its a pretty big problem. Once again I love this site and the hard work you guys put into it, but don’t down play these issues please.

    1. We do not use OOB and damaged box data. Because of the volume of listings we have to sort through, some do slip through the cracks which is why there is a report feature. If we included even a fraction of the amount of OOB and damage box items seen in the daily ebay pull, I assure you the prices would be vastly different (not in a good way).

  31. I’d like to see the top 10 expanded.. There should be an option to make it as long as you’d like, 20, 50 or anything more than just 10

  32. I’d like to see a Metals (Die Cast) section in the guide. A lot of folks collect those also or they get them in subscription boxes.

  33. I would love to be able to make multiple custom lists such as a “for sale” list and have different top 10 lists for each type of item (Top 10 Pops, Top 10 Dorbz, etc. if you’re going to add other items from different companies as well then this will be useful).

    I’m personally against the idea of adding customs to PPG since tons of them are commissioned (thus only one of these are made. You even get crazy ones like Darth Maul Super Sized groot). I’m also against the idea of protos since those aren’t really pops released to the public. Even 480 piece ones are usually available at a convention and who knows people might start faking protos soon but that’s just my two cents.

  34. As others have said:

    1) Either having a list of ORDERED items to help keep track of those (I am currently using the custom grouping option in the MY WANT list which is okay, but still mixed in with those that are wanted)

    2) Would like to have a FOR TRADE/SALE list that can be forwarded to friends instead of trying to hash out a list. If not, then how about being able to custom group the options in the MY COLLECTION list?

    Thanks for all the great work!

  35. I’ll miss reading the updates in the forums on when a pop goes live. Which platform will be used for these notices?

  36. This is a load of bull. I don’t use social media and don’t plan to….ever.

    1. I agree, I never use social media for anything, seems to me like ppl are trying to do to much to soon, I have a feeling they will start charging a fee to use the extra features as well, I hope not but surely there have got to be some kind of copyright law and royalties, they will have to pay to use pictures and titles of other things, like I say I hope not but that’s the way it seems to be going.

    2. I agree. I don’t have any social media accounts. They are the worst thing invented. So I will be lost without updates and I am not going to make an account for this.

    1. We already have that. Go to “My Collection”, click on the “Overview” tab, and the scroll down until you find the “Heating Up” list (there’s also a “Cooling Off” list just below that).

  37. An option to only receive search results for a specific type of figure. I mostly stick to Pop Vinyls and when I search for characters that’s what I want to find. I don’t like scrolling through a million pages, a great example is Star Wars, filled with different figures when I would just like to see Pop Vinyl. I know I can narrow it by adding the box number but if I’m just casually looking at a line it would be nice to just see Pop Vinyl. Other than that, the suggestions for additional reporting (like adding value comparisons for what you spent vs. worth) would be great. Or perhaps giving the account holder the ability to customize how they want their collection to be sorted? Thanks for everything you guys do!

  38. Like the collector guide, but disappointed to hear that forums are going away. Don’t do f@#$book or TWITter.

  39. This might be a hard thing to accomplish, but I think that the ability to add the contents of an entire sub box (e.g. the MCC X-men box) in one click would be super helpful. If you clicked add, it would instantly add all of the items from that box to your collection.

  40. A tab where I can have my collection listed from most expensive to least expensive

  41. So wack. This site is useless now lol. No trading/buying/selling and now no forums or a way of communicating? Why don’t you guys just remove this useless site lmao.

  42. After the removal of the forums, I’m not sure what to do. Whenever I have something good I use it ALWAYS goes away. I think removing the forums is a very stupid idea. I liked them. But apparently Facebook is better! I hate Facebook! Please don’t delete the forums. It will separate a lot of users from the comuinty, like me.

    1. We have 150,000 users. Fewer than 1,500 have used the forums *at all*. Sorry you think it’s a stupid idea, but it remains the best choice overall, since it’s impossible to please everyone.

  43. If the site is adding other collectables I’d like to see Q-Figs and Jada Metals!

  44. How about the ability to change currencies. I apologize if it’s already there but have yet to find an easy way to approximate values. Also I live in Australia and I believe some “AUS” unstickered versions are not of the same value as those US ones that are. Is there a way to assign value for these pops, that is more accurate?

    1. So you want to lower the price of your collection then? I honestly don’t get the obsession with a sticker, the toy is exactly the same!

  45. thank you for all that you do. I find it is a very valuable resource to track my collection. if possible I would like to also see q-figs added to the price guide

  46. I would love some export options for my collection (e.g. Excel data).

    I’m also in favor of Star Wars Black Series simply because there isn’t really a good interactive guide out there for that.

    Also, as most people want, I would love the Marketplace back.

    Regardless, you have a loyal user in me. Keep up the good work and I love the updates!

  47. I want sticker differences, SDCC, Star Wars Convention, getting them at the convention makes it more rare, more valueable.

  48. Another option would be to include features for autographed Pops. I know a lot of collectors do try to get them signed at conventions and such, so something to accommodate that might be helpful. 🙂
    (I’m sure it’d be just short of impossible to calculate a Pop value based on the signatures, as different people would find them to be more valuable than others, but just an idea.)

    Another idea, too, could be to include something for OOB Pop values. Again, I’m sure that’d be difficult to keep track of since the values would vary from person to person, but having the option in the Collection Tracker might be helpful.

  49. I would like to be able to make a separate list of “for sale” stuff to stuff that I would like to keep! And be able to have a top 20 also!

  50. Couldn’t agree more with Lordofthepops and the living death!! I use this site primarily for the forums and passionately hate Facebook and will never be a Facebook user. Well one more lost member of the community!! Great.. thanks PPG

    1. They really should not remove the forums, but oh well. What can we do? If they keep going this route it won’t be pop price guide, it will be everything ever made price guide!

  51. i would like to see the price i paid for my collection as a feature. i can view how much my collection is worth, and what is trending up or down, but i would like to comepare value with what i paid total and per pop. also amount spent per store, since price paid and store bought are both input fields, hopefully that wouldn’t be too difficult!

  52. I’d really like to see Quantum Mechanix Q-Figs tracked. They are bringing out excellent figures for Marvel, DC and Harry Potter.

  53. You may have 150,000 users that have signed up, but it’s the hardcore collectors who keep coming back to the site and post in the forums, how many of those 150,000 users actually still log onto here or Facebook, if you reset everything so everyone had to resign up, I wonder just how many people would actually do it, this site has been going for three years, so I wonder how many people signed up early on and now forgot about it, it goes to show how many people don’t actually come back here now when you see limited edition pops that had a release of 500 and 2,000 people own them, that’s because people haven’t been back on to update there collection.

  54. I would like to see something on signatures. At least a tab annotating if the pop is signed.

  55. I would like to see the whether the price of a figure is expected to go up, down, or stay the same without having to add it to the want list or the collection.

    1. One goal of mine is to add a “favorites” area to track items that might or might not reside in your collection. 🙂

  56. i want to add non funko items or pre listed funko items in a not listed yet listing on my list

  57. As always, thank you mucho latte, to all the volunteers of this amazing website. After nearly 6 years of collecting Funko Pops and their other lines, PPG has played a huge part in my collecting, managing my collection, among many other different things over the years. I really like your ideas of adding more tools and collection management doflochees. Wish there was a way to keep better tabs on price fluctuations, values for OOB Pops, and maybe damaged box Pop values. Maybe a trade tracker and a section for marketplace to leave reviews on sales and trades. But the more collection tools and customizations, would be great. Also love the idea of bringing back marketplace for round 2, hopefully fellow Funkots will behave so we wouldn’t lose it agane 😉 I think adding Custom Pops, Protos is a great idea as well. I would love to see Q Pops, or as some call em Q figs, added to the price guide. They continue to grow in popularity and are really well designed little figures. I think keeping track of every si gle thing Funko made, is a little much and imo would also help trim some fat off extra stuff the staff has to keep tabs on, like Pop Tees, Pop Pens, Pop Hats etc etc. I would be sure most peeps don’t worry so much at the current value of their Pen or Tshirt lol. And lastly, the news and updates on the home page, would love to see more news and updates more often (not complaining at all though, cause I know all the volunteers have lives outside of PPG and I am greatful for what all you do, for free at that 😉 ), just if its possible more frequent updates on upcoming releases, news, etc. I know in the past (not sure if its still a guideline when posting updates and releases, but PPG would wait on official word or post from Funko before posting to the feed. Oh and one other thing I just thought of. Maybe in marketplace or even a dedictaed section, would be aweaome to have a place soley for Geek Sub Box items and entire boxes, to buy, sell, and trade amongst the other members. Mysubscriptionaddiction dot com has a dedicated Swap section for people to add items for swapping and/or selling and you have to apply and wait to be approved (or used to) before you can trade, (might could check their Swap section out to get a few ideas for PPG). Your profile has succesful trades, current available trades, ratings, reviews, etc, for all other members to kinda see who they are dealing with and their swapping history. Might even be cool to add a profile tracker for PPG members in Marketplace, to keep tabs on who is honoring their trades/sells, member reviews, etc. Thats all I can think of at the moment, isn’t like I just wrote a novel of ideas and ponderings that is prob plenty, if not too much lol. But as before, thank you guys n gals for everything to the umpteenth power, you all are amazing!

  58. Of course, I thought of two more idears lol. Not sure if this is something that could be programmed or what, but alot of times, I am out on the hunt and need to check values quickly on here and can get a wee frustrated when sometimes you have to type out a Pols exact spelling or add ons within the name, or it will kick back 0 results found. Maybe do like a google or something, where the spelling doesn’t have to be spot on, or you have to add a “the” or “A” or whatever, to the search. Or just add a pop up auto suggestion box while typing the names out. And other wee lil idear, would be cool to have a tool/section within our My Collection Tracker, to list our top five or ten favorite pops, top five or ten most wanted/sought after pops, and maybe even a “most wanted” marker to check the box when filling in the “add to want list”. Lol sorry, don’t mean to mealt anyones eyeballs out from all my typing, just figured I would add a few ideas to assist any way I can with improving the site 😉

  59. I’d like to have multiple list for different lines like dorbz and such. I never bothered to add my dorbz because I don’t like that they get lumped in with the pops and I don’t want a separate account just for them. I also would like to be able to sort my collection by numbers and by franchise instead of just alphabetical by line.

  60. I have a few questions.
    (1) can we get a top ten least valuable things in the guide list
    (2) will comments on articles be disabled?
    (3) can you add mighty Muggs to the guide?
    (4) can you add collector keyrings to the guide?
    Thank you

    1. 1) That’ll be an ability in the reporting features we have planned.
      2) No, we have no intention of doing so.
      3) I’d love to add Muggs to the Guide…maybe in the future!
      4) Like Pop keyrings or something else in specific?

  61. I will miss forums. They were a quick and easy way to get intact with people. I dont think adding more than funko to the guide is bad (The Living Death) but i dont want it to get out of hand. It went from pop price guide, to funko price guide. Now it seems to be transforming into…Hmm….I dont know what to call it. Figures and other stuff price guide? Funko and Friends price guide? I think thats good… Anyway, forums going is sad, Funko and Friend price guide is a good idea, and we need more options in the collection. Because the collection is one of the main fetures, and it is EXTREMELY simple. I love this site. See you on the subreddit (If the add moves out of the way of the login button!).

  62. Discontinuing the forums is a bad idea. It really was a great place to get heads up on when things where being released. Like many people on here I hate using social media. Man, I feel like a trouble maker,I love this site. Thanks for addressing my OOB concerns, if anything you guys are a quality organization. I don’t know if I’d collect Pops without the passion and effort you guys pour into this site.

  63. I’d like to see a little more with dorbz independently. Like top ten sales what’s hot and not and a list of my top ten.

  64. 1. no customs… does not make any sense, just original pieces
    2. it would be nice to have a feature to see the complete set for an specific item, for example if I have qui gon jinn nycc , under his picture It would be nice to click and see that there is also a qui gon jinn GITD target, and general grievous for that specific set or naruto 71 and see that sasuke and kurama are part of the set and also adding kurama gitd gamestop.
    3. also I don’t like kidrobots so it would suck to see them, but on the other hand i like cryptozoic bombshells, but they are like in 3rd place lol in the votes pool

  65. I’ve noticed that the values are going down because of some figures being sold at low prices, but the shipping price is high when I check Ebay. I hate to be a bugger, but I don’t think removing forums is a good idea. It’s easier to have everything all on this website. Thank you for making PPG, it’s easy to track my collection now!

  66. I love the PPG! There are two new things I would like to see though. One would be to have an option to specify if the pop was signed by a celebrity, and if so, how much this would increase it’s value. The other thing that could be cool is if the PPG also has an app 🙂

  67. More sorting options for out tracker collection, sort by price, sort by date added, ect

  68. Number one feature I would love to see is a way to include Customs. Even if they went into a separate list somehow, I’d still like to include them in my list because they are becoming a big part of my collection – both ones I’ve bought, and now ones that I am making for myself. I tried using DIYs for markers, but it doesn’t work well. (Maybe however they’re included could work for the prototypes too?)

    I’m sad to see the forums go. I do use Facebook and Twitter, but they have a very different style to them and they don’t generate the same kind of conversations.

  69. I agree with Ratty Dorbz. Customs in the guide would make no sense at all. How would you put a price on them if there is only ONE ever made? That being said, i am still upset about forums closing. But what can you do? Also Bingo20 puts it great. There are most likely at least 2500 accounts that are unactive. Or something like that. So basing stats off of accounts that you dont know are active or not is bull. I dont know how you would fix this problem. But closing forums because of it is bull. So thats my crappy opinion. This guide is doomed to a watery facebook death. Happy mothers day everyone!

      1. Oh. Well that makes sense. Prototypes in the guide with pricing would make sense though. And autographs in the guide. But customs in the guide. But do wantever you want to.

  70. Why does the site need all these changes? All I wanted was a place to keep track of what I owned, what I wanted and somewhere to chat about it. I don’t use social media for stuff like this.

  71. I would like the ability to sort my collection by price, theme, etc.
    Maybe ad lines like Marvel legends, Star Wars black series, and S.H. Figurarts.

  72. I was here for the forums so I guess I can move on.

    One tip I would offer is that facilitating trading/selling CAN be done well and safely. I was a member of a sports card forum that was much bigger than this site (at the time) and they had software built into the forum software where if two members wanted to do a transaction one member would initiate it by clicking an icon under the other users username. They’d enter all the trade/sale data (price, condition, any special arrangments, etc) and it’d be sent to the other party. They review it and if it’s good they hit agree and the members ship their items and once received they update the ticket with a “Recieved” check. Once both parties clicked received it would log it as a positive transaction in both members log. If there was a problem, the moderators had each side agreeing to the deal and at the least would IP ban someone if they were found to be ripping anyone off. This was easily 10 years ago ( was the site I believe) and they had the even created user ratings (the more positive sales/trades, the higher your member rating, a negative interaction lowered your score) so I see no reason this site with today’s tech couldn’t do the same or similar. Every step was automated and it was nice because you could look back through your trades/sales. Only time a mod had to step in was when someone didn’t send their stuff, at which point your first time doing it you were flagged under your username with a “Must Send First” tag, once you had completed enough positive transactions the tag would be removed. It worked great and in my years there I never had a bad interaction. I don’t see why this site cannot facilitate buying/selling/trading.

    Anyways, since the forums are gone..good luck everyone, enjoy your collections.

  73. I’ve got two ideas, the first being fix up the numerical order viewing and other filters like that as those have not been working for a while. My second suggestion is to separate different boxes such as the regular wreck-it ralph run and the ones labeled 1 through 5 and original muppets and 2014 muppets most wanted boxes.

  74. I think it would be great to separate Comic Con Exclusives from the same Pop that could be sold in stores. There is a big price difference between an SDCC or Star Wars Celebration sticker vs a Summer Convention or Galactic Convention Sticker. Thanks

  75. As I’ve stated before, I’d like the Pop’s to be categorized by the series they are from. It’s so hard to scroll through all the pop’s just alphabetically. For example, the Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball pop’s can all stay in the Animation category, but just put them all under a DBZ category or whatever, so if I just want to see those it won’t be like scrolling through a jumbled mess, (example the Marvel / Pop Heroes / Movies / Television is just a mess, you need to split the characters into their own respective series) etc.

    I’d also like the Pop! Tees to get more attention, they should be listed as they are numbered by their number on their box, plus there are several that still haven’t been added.

    It also drives me crazy when things are added to the Guide, but the pictures aren’t put up with them, and things like pins / patches are mostly where this complaint comes in, while this may not be important to everyone, it is to me. If it’s part of my collection, it needs a photo to go with it. I mean, stuff from the Marvel Year One box still haven’t even been added.

  76. And the comments continue to pour in about the egregiousness of removing the forums so we can all move to “social forums!” Friggin crap.. Noticed no replays from the “higher ups” that run this site since then.. So sad to see something so good go to crap so it can be just like everything else in the world these days. Social Friggin media!! Could care less what anyone thinks but will continue to voice my displeasure!! Boooo

    1. 1) It’s “couldn’t care less”.

      2) Again, it’s a very small percentage of people who use or even knew about the forums. We still stand by the idea that we’re better focusing our efforts elsewhere.

  77. Let’s be honest, PPG has just dug itself it’s own grave by closing down the one thing, that most people come to this site for THE FORUMS. R.I.P PPG. You say less than 1500 people use the forums, how many people comment or post on your Facebook page?

    1. Are you serious? Like I mentioned before, 1500 people have used our forums EVER. That is out of 150000 users. 1%. By comparison, we have over 40000 unique members visiting the guide DAILY. And for the record, more people use the commenting system on the front page than do the forums.

      We have over 20,000 people on Facebook, 6,000 on Twitter, and Reddit is growing rapidly because we just opened up there. There’s plenty of opportunity to talk without completely upheaving your lives.

      Please try to have some facts next time you feel like saying something like this.

        1. We offer a free service at great personal time and expense. In return, we get a lot of flat out rude people who think they can tell us how to run our site. Show some respect, get some respect. It’s that simple.

          1. You are totally right. And if it helps, I think forum = old way. Facebook, Twitter and Reddit = Future. I totally agree on your staff decisions.

            Keep the good work bud

            And thanks for the possibility to track/use this website for free!

  78. Hey Bingo, guess we can still chat here. At least for now. I couldn’t agree with you more! It’s really unfortunate the forums are gone. Also, for the record, to answer your question from some time ago, I was poking at you just for fun. Never had anything personal against you nor was trying to insult you. Your input was always appreciated! It was rants and discussions such as the ones we were involved with that made the forums so interesting. Well, good luck with your collection, if you do indeed continue to collect, as well good luck to everyone else on here. I hope everyone continues to find the Pops they want! Just sucks we’ll now never know when certain exclusives are dropping with no forums… Peace out..

  79. I don’t care about any of this and would rather you people just focus on making an app. Having to use the web browser every time I want to check my top ten or a price on something is becoming ridiculous. I thought this was 2017 not 2007.

  80. I would like to see a currency converter. I’m using € when everything is in $

  81. Being able to sort your pops by different categories, price point and type

  82. I love being able to see how my collection grows and what its worth and have come to relay heavily on this site for other resource information as well. I would love to see the “worth” of a collection being shown when you use the embed feature.
    I have started up my own website and have a forum over there that I have just got up and running for those who dont want to still use forums and things please feel free to come over and use mine As for the addition of things other than Pops, im really not that “ok” with it. The site is called Pop Price Guide, so it should be limited to just things that are made by Funko. Maybe start up an independent site that does other collections but doesnt share the same database because I know for myself if I am looking for something Star Wars I dont want to have to weed through the billions of items ever produced under the Star Wars moniker just to find Pop Information.

  83. I’d like to see a link to add others in series, like if i have a full set rather than look up each one, why not have a quick link on the side to add also.

  84. I would love to have a smartphone application for iOS, Android, Google, etc. It would be awesome to be able to have my collection tracker and most wanted list all saved onto a handy app. With the majority of our population having smart phones I find this would be the most convenient way to do business with PPG. You guys rock! Keep up the great work!

  85. Honestly, as someone who works in IT, I think the biggest thing that needs to be added to the site is SSL encryption for the site. Logins are not be transmitted via https which is a huge security risk!

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