14 thoughts on “Galactic Toys has awoken the Eternal Dragon

    1. Same here, glad I have it safe and preordered. Don’the know if it’s sold out out but with how much DBZ fans like me hoped for this, it should be sold out. I hope UP NEXT – 6″ Inch Broly!!

  1. Huh, maybe bad angle, but it looks like it’s missing the 1 and 7 star balls…

  2. All we need is an SSJ Gohan. Come on Funco!! Also, has any1 called any Hot Topics to ask about SSR Goku Black’s release date or when we can expect to see him in Hot Topics?

    1. Wait, Goku Black is actually being released as SS Rose? 1st time I’m hearing this…but good news if true

  3. It is. Not normal however. I went to a Hot Topic yesterday and they completely blew me off. They said they don’t even know if he’ll show up. Chances are he’ll be UBER hard to find. Oh well, at least we’ve got out GITD SS Goku’s eh?

  4. Look up Goku Black on the website and its there. The naming looks weird but I just call him.. Super Saiyan Rose Boku. As in bad Goku. Plus, its easier on the brain to call him Boku, plus it sounds cool!

  5. Nonetheless, keep an eye out for him, as he could be potentially rare, being the only Goku Black pop revealed thus far. Why do I get the feeling there gonna screw us and reveal normal Goku Black as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive..

  6. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a post of his own. Just one of those unexpected reveals last minute. He was revealed on the 28th as I can recall. I saw him on ebay, thinking he was a custom made pop ( Typing for the name looked fuzzy ) But I come to see its a real pop. I hope someone gives him a post on here so mors people will know of his existence. Alsox show of hands to people who think Planet Arlia Vegeta should be re released

  7. I wish they would make a Super Saiyan Gohan pop already. Alongside a broly, Glow in the dark Broly, and a normal Kid Buu. That would fufill my pop desires. Oh, and maybe Nappa too, but that may never happen unfortunately..

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