Exclusive Marvel Dorbz and Pop coming to Walgreens

Walgreens continues to be the host of exclusive Funko Marvel products with the addition of three new items. Pop fans will have a chance to pick up Superior Spider-Man, while Dorbz collectors will be treated to Iron Spider and Taskmaster. These are due in min-June.

17 thoughts on “Exclusive Marvel Dorbz and Pop coming to Walgreens

  1. More Walgreens exclusives while I’m still waiting to see a Juggernaut in store.

    1. It’s getting ridiculous. I haven’t seen a single soul post on instagram owning the compound hulk or iron patriot exclusive dorbz. “Due early may” meanwhile the month is basically over

    2. I grabbed two when I ordered them on the website, by far the best way to go with their exclusives. Buddy of mine collects too, but he’s not a Marvel guy, so I still have the 2nd one. If interested, I can get you a shipping rate and mail you the 2nd one for cost of that and freight if you wanted. Just let me know.

  2. Walgreen’s here loaded up on WWE pops months ago, hasn’t restocked anything else

  3. it drives me crazy when i go to walgreens and all they have r frozen or star wars. it bs.

  4. Here’s another pop that I’d get but never will bc Walgreens never gets em in

  5. Yea so what’s up with this I see the same Wal-Mart exclusives every day never change same at Walgreens where are all the goodies

  6. Ya walgreens never restocks with the new pops been goin to the same one for weeks and still have the same pops i asked and they said they dont restock until they sell out of there current ones wich is all the unwanted frozen and star wars pops

  7. Yay! Another pop only exclusive to 1 store.. Where I live in Canada, we don’t get any of these sadly. No Target anymore, No Hottopic, No walgreens. Our Walmarts where I’m located never have any pops, only place to get pops is EBgames or LGS’s

  8. like someone said above they dont restock until the ones in the store are gone and they are full of star wars frozen and wwe pops that no one wants.

  9. Yeah the same as what everyone else said above. I have even asked the Store Manager at my local
    Wal-Greens and he told me that they are on auto-stock, meaning when one sells, one gets reordered.

  10. Well, next time you are going to another city or across town, just buy all the pops in a branch and return them to a different branch somewhere you never go…

  11. Uhhhh I’m so sick of Walgreens exclusives, it’s getting to be worse than hottopic ones. Atleast hottopic gets them once when the exclusives are released. I’ve gone on state wide hunts for Walgreens exclusives and found shit…. So annoyed.

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