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Now is your chance to WIN a Classic Display Geek shelving unit with theย  Marvel (Limited Edition 250 run) backdrop inserts included. Just leave a comment telling us who your favorite Marvel character is & why.ย  A winner will be chosen at random from all the entries received by June 9th at 12:00pm PDT. Be sure to check out the other themes available,collectibles,protectors and the Limited Time Only Retro Special with 2 shelves and 10 protectors for one low price at Display Geek.

119 thoughts on “Display Geek Marvelous Shelf Giveaway

  1. Wolverine is the best character ever! As long as his healing factor is active he’s literally unstoppable!

  2. My favourite Marvel character is….
    Groot, Baby Groot to be exact.
    Cuteness over load.
    Even when faced with a “which red button” he figured it out.
    Helps all around and backs his team mates up
    He’s the best ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—

  3. Morph from the X-men animated series, wish they did more with his character. Loved how they started the story but should’ve ran with it more.

  4. I actually have multiple favorites. Lol. Morph, Beast, Nightcrawler, Gambit, and Colossus are probably my tops though. I feel like they would be a pretty solid squad. Top it with wolverine, done deal.

    1. Just to be a technical nerd we all know Phoenix is the strongest mutant. Stronger then Magneto and Professor X combined.

  5. Gambit because he looks cool, can turn objects in to bombs, and has an awesome personality.

  6. My favorite character is Daredevil. I collected a few comics when I was a kid, but DD stood out to me. A blind superhero? On top of that, he was a lawyer? His costume was cool, his billy club and his leaping from NYC buildings made for some great action shots… And then Frank Miller hit and his story got super real. I’ve got all the DD pops out there and can’t wait for the new Defenders show to drop on Netflix.

  7. My favorite marvel character is Deadpool. He is almost unstoppable and his wise cracking remarks are hysterical. Plus Ryan Reynolds played him great and the movie was awesome.

  8. Deadpool!! I love the humor and ofcourse the fourthwall breaking. Its just so different then all the other superheroes.

  9. Wolverine, as he is the little guy who always pushes harder to deify the odds and save a day, because of his shattered past and his redemption for his past over his countless story arks.

  10. Ghostrider is my favorite marvel comics character and has been for an long time was also my first comic I’ve ever picked up got me reading comic books love to get Ghostrider pop and madcap pop considering they was the first ones I ever read.

  11. Howard the Duck. The classic “oversized” books were great art/story about someone’s fight to just go home

  12. My favorite character of Marvel is She-Hulk. I found about this character when I was at Walmart in the toy section and found this She-Hulk action figure. I was so surprised and amazed about the fact she existed.

  13. I’m going to have to go with Spider-Man. After the X-Men, Spider-Man was my first forey into the Marvel Universe. As an 80s kid, it was all about those awesome cartoons.

  14. Captain America! The First Avenger is by far my favorite movie! I love how Steve Rogers stood for his country & others in its time of need. The true meaning of a hero.

  15. Always since I was younger loved Rogue from xmen she was one of the guys. She gave as good as she got. Plus Gambit was always a nice add on :))

  16. Gotta say Iron Man. All those different armors for all the different situations that may arise.

  17. My favorite Marvel hero is Moon Knight!
    It is interesting to watch an unstable character like Moon Knight battle his enemies, even if those enemies may be himself…

  18. Nightcrawler is my favorite because he’s a demon on the outside and an angel on the inside. Plus teleportation.

  19. My favorite Marvel character is the Silver Surfer hands down. I hate that he is in Fox limbo buried behind a poorly managed Fantastic Four series. The reason I love SS is because he paid the ultimate sacrifice for his home world, and even after being removed as Galactus’ herald, he carried the weight of his actions and did his best to right his wrongs. Just a great character all around. His backstory needs to be told on the big screen! I believe that James Gunn could nail it. Wishful thinking…

  20. Nick Fury
    No super powers but can take down any villian or hero (if needed) in style.

  21. My favorite is Iron Man for some personal and other reasons. I had Leukemia when I was 3-8 years old. I had a thing called a medi-port in my chest for them to draw blood and put in medication. The medi-port made a bump near the center of my chest and my nurse called me iron man since it looked like the arc reactor in iron man. That is one of reasons but I have other ones to. I like Tony Stark because he is so smart and inventive and the Iron Man suit can take a beating and is powerful. Also it is my dream to be able to fly and protect people from danger. If I had an Iron Man suit I would go to help in war. That’s why Iron Man is my favorite.

    1. Also being called Iron Man gave me the courage to fight and never give up just like Tony which is one of the reasons i’m alive today. Also I can remember having a Iron Man action figure that I loved through all those difficult and hard years.

  22. Doctor Strange!! He’s the man who rose above his pride, and shows that knowledge is valuable as ever! He is my source of inspiration for holding out the terrible Norwegian school system.

  23. my favorite marvel character is dr strange because my friends say i’m strange like him

  24. My favorite marvel character is handsdown Nightcrawler. He is so badass, love his powers and story, the way hes portrayed in the movies could be better though

  25. My favorite character is Blue Marvel. He is one of the great African American heroes that doesn’t get a lot of notoriety. The story line I liked the most was Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel. He was a masked hero fighting along side the Avengers in the 1960’s. In this story he defeated a villain that had defeated many of the Avengers and saved the nation. The heartbreaking thing is that his mask was torn and revealed that he was, as they put it, a “negro”. The pentagon was so fearful that they had the president ask him to “Stand Down” effective immediately. It was amazing that they would be so honest in this story and to see his character in the face of the circumstances. Later he was sought out by Iron Man to return to defeat another threat to the earth. It show’d his love for this World and the sacrifice that he would make even when he was shunned.

  26. My favorite character by far is rocket raccoon! I mean come on, it’s a freacking talking raccoon with blasters twice his size!

  27. My favorite Marvel characters are the Fantastic Four. There’s been so many great runs, exploring the concepts of family, fame, exploration, outerspace, etc. with this team. The unique personalities of each member and how they interact is just fun to watch and read!!

  28. My favorite Marvel character is Tony Stark/Iron Man because he has all the latest tech, is a billionaire and gets all the ladies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. My favorite Marvel character is Deadpool, just because of the cool factor. Breaking the 4th wall, being the one Marvel character where they aren’t worried about being politically correct and the amazing portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Ryan Reynolds.

    1. My favorite marvel character is hands down DareDevil. Talk about a person who has been through hell and back and is able to juggle being a lawyer and a hero. Hardest thing is to withhold justice but also enforce it without compromising ones self and morality. Nothing but respect.

  30. I’ve gotta go with Apocalypse. And not movie Apocalypse. There was just no way to fit his awesomeness on a screen

  31. I’m going to go with my favorite Marvel character and villain, Dr. Doom. One of the best bad guys of all time… being monarch of Latveria, Dr. Doom has diplomatic immunity along with all of his power. Unstoppable. Hulk and Venom are a close 2nd.

  32. The punisher, just because he was awesome and had no problems killing.

  33. Spider-man is and always will be my favorite (which is ironic since I’m arachnophobic). Any story line with Spidey and a symbiote would have to be my all time favorite, since the best villain ever (imo) is Venom/Carnage/AntiVenom/Toxin.

  34. Spider-man because of what he has to overcome; family life, internal struggles, school life and being a super hero. and a super hero is only as good as his villains. He has arguably the best villains in all of comics

  35. Iron Man is definitely my favorite. his own mind made him to what he is now, got to respect that. he’s my spirit animal.

  36. My favorite Marvel hero is DEADPOOL. He’s one of the only characters who are able to break the fourth wall, and he’s hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚. He’s also basically unkillable unless you separate his head from his body or something like that.

  37. Carnage. Because his powers are really cool, and he is funny. Has allways been my favorite character since i first saw him in a comic.

  38. Cable is my favorite marvel hero. Gambit, Punished and ocean are close behind, but cable is the best because of how awesome he is without using his powers.

  39. Wolvie baby!! I haven’t opened a comic book since they killed him off. He’s the man cuz 6 adamantium claws and skeleton, healing factor, and he’s the best there is at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice!!!

  40. Steve Rogers’ Captain America because he had a superhero heart long before he was given the serum that gave him his super body. He’s a true hero to his core!

  41. Gambit holds a special place in my heart because I had a crush on him watching the animated series as a kid. BUT Loki is up there too because I love a good villain

  42. My favorite Marvel character is Phil Coulson. Sure, he’s just a regular guy, but his love of superheroes has made him and incredible and formidable Agent of SHIELD. I can relate to this guy!

  43. I love characters like Deadpool and Blade, but I have to go with Punisher. I respect characters who don’t have superpowers and yet can hang with those who do. His character is essentially a martyr; someone willing to risk his life, possibly even his soul, for the greater good. And it’s entertaining every time he teams up with others…

  44. I would have to say that Gamora is my favorite Marvel character. The reason for her being my favorite is her pretty traumatic back story and the way that she is able to stay so strong and confident through it all. I’ve had a pretty harsh life and I try to find ways to help me deal with those bad times, so I tend to like female comic book characters who have had a hard, depressing, or traumatic life.

  45. My favorite Marvel character is Ghost Rider because I love antiheroes! And he’s one of the coolest to me, his aesthetic is great. Plus, the 2007 movie featuring Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies. Emphasis on guilty.

  46. I would have to say Loki I get so excited when he shows up… more so than the other marvel characters. Otherwise I would say Rocket, because who doesnt like a foul mouthed genetically modified raccoon?

  47. My favorite Marvel character is “The best there is at what he does”, The Wolverine.
    He is the character that got me into Marvel and the X-Men. I thought he was so cool looking and such a badass.

  48. My favorite marvel character is “spider-man” no one has as much tragedy as him and stays that good the whole time . He will always be a superhero !

  49. My favorite would have to be Deadpool, you never know what to expect with him so it’s always entertaining, and the Deadpool movie was the best comic -movie addaptaion yet!

  50. Cable. He just always looked awesome. Plus I think he’s the only one who can really put up with deadpool

  51. My favorite character would have to be Annihilus. He looks bad-ass, and the power he holds is immense, plus he has produced some of the greatest story arcs in the FF universe and beyond. Oh, and he’s the ruler of the negative zone. After him, my other favorites are Yondu, Kang, Shocker, Doom, Daredevil, Black Panther, Zemo, Ultron and Spider-Man (Yeah, that’s a lot of second favorites)

  52. Deadpool is my favorite marvel character. Love his katanas and hes the most inappropriate character.

  53. Hawkeye is my favorite. I like the stories that are able to be told about an un super individual, yet keep him super at the same time. Plus he always knows what to

  54. Hawkeye is my favorite. I like the stories that are able to be told about an un super individual, yet keep him super at the same time. Plus he always knows what to say

  55. Hawkeye is my favorite. I like the stories that are able to be told about an un super individual, yet keep him super at the same time. Plus he always knows what to say.

  56. Iron Man is my favorite. I love the shiny suits of armor equipped with flight, repulsors, and other misc weapons. The man inside the suit is rich and got a talking AI (JARVIS).. that’s also a plus.

  57. My favorite marvel character would have to be deadpols
    I know a lot of people will probably have the same one but I think he’s so awesome

  58. My favourite would for sure be Mr. Frank Castle. Punisher is a renegade on a righteous mission to take out the bad guys. Hes had everything ripped away from him, but he continues to push on (mind you, in a very violent manner). But he’s kinda relatable in ways and shows you to never give up.

  59. Favorite character is groot because he’s adorable and a badass as a baby or as an adult

  60. Captain America. As a child of a serviceman growing up and as a history buff i always loved Captain America. He was created to give America hope during WWII and he is still a sign of hope. I also always loved him because he didnt accidentally become a super hero like spiderman who was bit by a spider or hulk in an experiment gone wrong, He chose to become great and to help more people.

  61. My favorite Marvel Character has to be Spider-Man. How he becomes Spider-Man is crazy and it’s more of a “realistic” way to become a super hero (if that make sense) lol. A teenager in high school is unreal powers. Love it.

  62. Gwenpool is my favorite Marvel character. I like the bad attitude and that she is ruthless.

  63. The Hulk is my favorite. The imagery of the inner beast has always been so relatable for me.

  64. Favorite mainstream would be Hulk or Spider-Man for nostalgia reasons.

    But overall favorite? Hmm…Silver Surfer? Close, but maybe Gambit? Closer, but probably Warlock! No, wait, it would have to be:

    Beyonder. (Either before the first retcon or after the second.)

    No other character and associated story arc had me thinking as much about the “unthinkable”, the world possibilities -beyond- our own. Something about the Beyonder just struck a chord with me. I didn’t even care about his fights, just his background.

  65. Not unique but I gotta go with Spider- man. I think a good villain makes a great hero and Spider man (out all the Marvel hero’s) has the best series of bad guys…. Green Goblin, Carnage, Venom, and many more

  66. My Favorite Marvel character is going to be Deadpool (Ya I know we have all already heard why) But seriously it’s Deadpool, vulgar, brutal, cant die really, and comical all in one character! And his suite is classy.

  67. Favorite Character has to be Nightcrawler. He is just awesome all around. From his morphing to his personality he is tops.

  68. Mines Cable. He’s from the future,phases , teleports, and so much other futuristic technology. He’s also Jean Gray and Cyclops son, and a bad-ass character !

  69. I love Spider Man because of his freedom to travel around the city and the fun he has whilst swinging about! He is also soooo underestimated by villains because he’s only in High School! Just a cool character all round!

  70. Captain America because he’s the most realistic. Sure he’s amped up a little, but he’s the most normal out of everyone and a natural leader.

  71. Wolverine , for his temper, strong detirmination, and morals and come on the dude grows freaking knives out his freaking hands and can’t die!pretty much means he is the sh!t.

  72. WOlverine without any hesitation. He is the best ass kicker. And i really like his style.

  73. Yondu. I love his story of redemption. His peers that he wanted approval from the most misunderstood him for a selfish greedy man who stole Peter and Ego’s other offsprings for money. However, when he realized what was really going on he did the right thing in keeping Peter from Ego and raising him. Every time Peter crossed him, he always protected him despite the growing frustrations of his crew and making the ultimate sacrifice to save his son Peter shows that Yondu is a loving father and a true hero

  74. My favorite character has got to be Legion because who wouldn’t want all that power. well when he gains control of that power. the comics. Genius. TV series. Borderline genius, hoping season 2 will delve deeper into the mind and personalities of Legion.

  75. I would have to say *Wanda Maximoff* AKA SCARLET WITCH โ™ก I think she’s relatable, in an odd sense, to me. It would CRUSH me….drive me insane…if I had lost my biological kids. She had twins. I had twins. Of course, those factors account for about 10% of WHO she is, which is basically, the MOST POWERFUL of them all (likely). She has done wrong but in reality….what hero hasn’t? I love STRONG female characters and third just no one else stronger. I think she has some of the coolest powers (that she can’t escape from) like warping reality. โ™ก
    Think you so much for this chance! This shelf and such is both a want and need!! IG: CandiedSheets

  76. Mine is venom not that silly movie venom mostly because I think lethal protector is the best

  77. My favorite marvel character has to be Carnage he is such a bad ass and always love reading my. Favorite spidey story maximum carnage can’t wait for the dorbz!!!!

  78. By far my favourite marvel character is Dr. Doom. He is just a classic badass & i think all the other evil villain characters are just copying his work.

  79. My favorite Marval character is Rogue from the X-men. She’s a strong willed, BA woman with incredible powers. Her powers are different and unusual. She sometimes struggles to manage them because she can’t touch people, not even her lover. Imagine not being able to touch or hold people!

  80. Iron Man is my absolute FAVORITE hero. I still remember visiting my local comic book store with my brother in second grade. Since it was Free Comic Book Day, the owner of the store was handing out free Iron Man comics! That day, I fell in love with his story, the art, and everything about Iron Man! It inspired me to start reading more and more with my family, and soon, we were all drawing our own Iron Man comics. Later on, some of my drawings even won an award in an art show. Iron Man certainly played a wonderful role in my childhood memories, and, to this day, he is still my favorite Marvel hero! ๐Ÿ˜€

  81. Iron Man is my absolute FAVORITE hero. I still remember visiting my local comic book store with my brother in second grade. Since it was Free Comic Book Day, the owner of the store was handing out free Iron Man comics! That day, I fell in love with his story, the art, and everything about Iron Man! It inspired me to start reading more and more with my family, and soon, we were all drawing our own Iron Man comics. Later on, some of my drawings even won an award in an art show. Iron Man certainly played a wonderful role in my childhood memories, and, to this day, he is still my favorite Marvel hero! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  82. My favorite marvel character is probably thanos. Because let’s face it, the infinity gauntlet is badass. All that power in one hand is unreal.

  83. My favorite Marvel character, or of all time even, is Spider-Man. Almost everything i own is Spider-Man. People ask me all the time why him, the answer is its who i relate to the most. Im that nerdy guy no one likes, but put a costume on and im everything. Hes just my inspirational hero. Also he is usually the underdog no one expects him to win and boom underestimated. Hes also awesome because of his sarcasticness just like dead-pool but not as vulgar, lol. “i love deadpools commentary as well.”

  84. My favorite is the Hulkbuster. It’s one of the Pops that got me into collecting. The sheer size of it makes it quite impressive.

  85. My favorite Marvel Character is DareDevil Because Even though he has a disability through his blindness he still overcomes by helping the poor in his law practice & protecting the poor in Hells Kitchen. I relate to him with my disability of epilepsy even though it stunts my ability to drive I have the courage like him to still be happy every day ,work & not give up!

  86. I have always had one favorite, Black Widow. But when I got into Marvel comics my favorites became wide and varied. But one stood out.
    Daredevil, because I can relate to him. I am also blind, because of the damage to my optic nerves I even occasionally see sound. It’s strange and unusual. I learned that I too could hold my head up, I could do whatever I wanted to do, that only the limitations I placed on myself would hold me back. When I first learned about Daredevil it was a shock, and then exciting. Now every con I go to I wear a Daredevil t-shirt proudly.
    So yeah he’s got to be my favorite.

  87. My favorite is one hundred percent Thanos. Ever since I read about him in all the infinity gauntlet comics AND I heard that one of my favorite actors, Josh Brolin, is playing him in the upcoming Avengers movie, I adore him and how much of a badass he is. I already love Infinity War and I haven’t even see it yet because of Thanos <3

  88. Captain America is my favorite Marvel superhero. Not only I does he dress in a spangely outfit, but he is the pure definition of what a good guy is.

  89. Thor is my favorite Marvel Character because even though he is one of the strongest hero’s on Earth his sense of honor, duty and loyalty are even stronger.

  90. My favorite Marvel character is The Mighty Thor! There are SO many storylines and side journey’s that branch off of him alone that it’s enough to keep the MCU going for a while (just on that). I’ve enjoyed reading, no….IMMERSING myself into “The Mighty Thor” and “Thor” stories ever since I was young enough to turn on a television set. I’ve always liked the parts of Marvel that took me to the edges of the cosmos. If I could only go with Thor for an hour across the Bifrost….to the edges of the 9 realms….what a trip that would be! My Thor enthusiasm didn’t stop with reading comic books and TPB’s. I’ve also watched all the shows, movies, animations and anything related to that section of Marvel. He is definitely my favorite Marvel character. Thanks for this opportunity Display Geek!

  91. My favorite hero is hulk he is very good at what he is doing and he is like my role model because im a good guy that keeps is anger inside and when im realising the anger im like the hulk.

  92. My favourite Marvel character would have to be Nova (Sam Alexander). He is relatable to me because his father isn’t around anymore and he takes care of his mother and sister, and his powers are the best. I would love to just fly around in space and visit different planets!

  93. My favorite Marvel character is Old Man Logan.
    It was all a new story but with a completely different take on this classic X-Men character.
    Everyone knew he would always be able to live a long life but finally seeing him old and a bit slower made me feel sad.
    Overall just Old Man Logan is a great read for anyone looking for something old and something new.

  94. Ghost Rider (Jonny Blaze). Such a badass charecter, love those classic storylines.

  95. My favorite character is definitely Deadpool. Wade is literally perfect. He’s crazy and accepting, protective, kind, and just generally very interesting. Which is probably why I have 13 variations in Pop! form…

  96. Wolverine! From the Weapon X Comics to the X-Men fox cartoon Saturday mornings, he always was the hardest and followed his instincts! Glad we finally got to see what he could really do onscreen in Logan! Awesome ๐ŸŽฅ!!!

  97. Deadpool is by far my favorite character! Not only is he a complete BA, but he has a warm fuzzy side when he’s not killing people๐Ÿ˜‚. I love his sarcasm and how he never takes things too seriously. If more people could be more carefree and thhonestly blunt, yet hilarious, like deadpool then the world would be a much better place! Crisp hi-five!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ

  98. For me, it’s a draw between Wolverine and Gambit. Wolverine has all the history and is the first thing I remember from all the comics and cartoons growing up. Gambit has very little history in movies but I’ve been buying the comics for a while and i am waiting for a solo movie! A close second is pretty much most heros in the MCU.

  99. I have Read Silver Surfer Comics my entire childhood, and i even own Silver Surfer #1. Nothing beat following him through the galaxy from planet to planet, SAVING PLANETS from utter destruction from the big (G). When i found the pop of Norrin Radd, i was quite pleased to find that he was quite easy for me to obtain, as well as the mystery mini bobble head. They both sit above my computer every day and i stare at them. It brings me back to my childhood sitting on my bed reading those comics over and over again. Cant get enough. I HAVE IMBUED THE POWER COSMIC!!!!!!!!

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