Wonder Woman Exclusives Galore!

Funko just announced a bunch of exclusives across several of their lines ahead of the Wonder Woman movie release. Fans of Wonder Woman can’t miss the Wonder Woman Dorbz or the Wonder Woman with Shield Pop both coming to Walmart in Mid May. Some of you may have already seen and ordered the Hot Topic Amazonian Wonder Woman Pop. While you are looking for Amazonian Wonder Woman, don’t forget to grab the Wonder Woman Rock Candy also exclusive to Hot Topic. Both are currently up on Hot Topic’s website and should be in stores soon. Gamestop (or EB Games in Canada) has Wonder Woman in her blue dress Pop. It’s up on their site now and if it’s not in stores now, it will be soon. FYE earlier this morning went live with their exclusive Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor Pop 2 pack. It’s still available for anyone looking. To finish off your collection, pre-order the exclusive Diana Prince Pop over at Entertainment Earth. Diana Prince will be available in June.

14 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Exclusives Galore!

  1. Walmart Wonder Woman is already in stores too. I picked mine up 2 days ago, and I’ve seen it in 2 more Walmart stores since then.

  2. Mid-May??? Ive seen the WW with shield at a Wal-Mart here in Dallas two daya ago.

  3. is there anything special about the FYE 2 pack? they look the same as the individual WW and steve you can pick up.

      1. that’s what I figured. just wasn’t sure if they were metallic or something like joker/Harley FYE

        1. Steve’s coat is a different colour and I need to check the single WW as the 2 pack version looks like it has more gold colouring on the lasso …

  4. I found the Rock Candy Wonder Woman in a local Hot Topic while I was trying to find the Rock Candy BvS Wonder Woman. I asked the Hot Topic clerk and she said they just got them in.

    I found the Walmart Exclusive Wonder Woman in a store a few days ago, haven’t been able to find another one since. I picked up the Gamestop Wonder Woman blue dress today and have only seen her in a few Gamestop locations.

  5. Just got my Wal-Mart Exclusive in Dallas. The Blue Dress has been at gamestop since March 30th.

  6. Where are all the villains? ….There should be Dr. Poison and Ares Pops… I’m hoping either one of those villains will show up in the LoC Box.

  7. There are 3 numbers unaccounted for in the series so maybe we’ll get Ares, Dr. Poison and ?. They’ve already shown the WW pop in the LoC box. It’s number 181.

  8. I picked up the Wonder Woman 178 Exclusive and the Rock Candy Wonder Woman earlier today from Hot Topic.

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