Star Wars Celebration Shared Exclusives Announced!

Funko officially announced which shared Star Wars Celebration exclusives will be available at retailers starting tomorrow! Check out the full list below.
Galactic Plushies: Jabba & Salacious 2-pack


Box Lunch

Pop!: Hoth Princess LeiaM

MiniHikariGreen & Gold Greedo 2-pack

Mini Hikari: Blue & Clear Greedo 2-pack


Pop!: 442nd Clone Trooper


Pop!: Hooded Jedi Luke

Wobbler: Boba Fett (Proto Suit)

Hot Topic
Pop!: Han Solo (Action Pose)

Pop!: Rebels – Chopper (Imperial Disguise)


Pop!: Holographic Qui Gon Jinn


Pop!: Rebels – Grand Admiral Thrawn


Pop!: Garindan (Empire Spy)


Pop! Deluxe: Rey with Speeder

Which exclusives are you hoping to add to your collection?

9 thoughts on “Star Wars Celebration Shared Exclusives Announced!

  1. Thank goodness for forbidden planet they will have them all, no stress 🙂 ill get all pops except rebels.

  2. I saw them for $15 @ hot topic, Han is a good buy, there isnt an fye for miles around me 🙁

  3. Thanks Funko, have them released on Easter weekend when most people are broke, all to leave people rolling in money to buy their share and sell on eBay for 400% profit when they haven’t even got their hands on them yet! So so triggered. I wanna cry, missed out on all of them here in Australia.

    1. If you have a Gametraders locally you should check them out. I went to mine on Saturday lunch time and they had everything available in multiples. I had missed out online for practically everything except Han and Leia, but GT had Qui Gon, Rey with Speeder and Luke and they were the ones I wanted most.

      1. Thanks mate, thankfully they all went back up on Zing here in Australia so I luckily was able to get all but Rey’s Pop Ride and the Holographic Qui Gon. Pretty happy now haha :).

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