Next Round of Specialty Series Plus Blackfire

Funko has revealed its next round of Specialty Series Pop and Dorbz. If you love Scooby Doo, you will definitely need to go pick up the Scooby Dum Pop. For Batman fans, there’s a new Batman Dorbz coming, Cybersuit Batman. Both these will be available in June, so go to your favorite shop and preorder them before they sell out.


Also coming later this month for Teen Titan fans is the Blackfire Pop. She is a Toys R Us exclusive. Keep an eye out for her.

2 thoughts on “Next Round of Specialty Series Plus Blackfire

  1. @Misti McClure Yea I feel You, I’ve always been a Scooby-Doo fan when Iwas Younger so when the Pops and Dorbz came out I got Mostly All of them, except the Mystery Mobile w/ Fred Dorbz. In All Honesty My #1 Favorite Dorbz out of All of the Dorbz I have is the Flocked Scooby Dorbz (Gemini Toys Excl.). Its the cutest Dorbz figure I have! As far as Pops go, I wish they’d make a Scrappy-Doo Pop Next or for Wave 2!

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